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A stethoscope is a recognized symbol in medicine. Worn around the neck of a doctor or a nurse, its primary use is to listen to body sounds. Designed to listen to heart and lung sounds, a scope can also be utilized by a medical professional to listen to bowels and blood flow.

But this medical tool can easily be misplaced by the owner or interchanged with others. Thankfully, you can buy this tool that comes with a stethoscope ID tag- stethoscope name tag. In addition to it being able to help you identify your own steth, the name tag is customizable in a way that you can design it to truly fit your identity.

The Importance of an ID Tag Bling

From security to labeling your own scope, having a name tag provides a myriad of advantages. Besides the obvious, the badge can have a positive impact on your patient care. It builds doctor’s identity when you add your full name to it. While the steth, is restricted to be used within the hospital setup, you can wear it during lunches or break times. Your name gets advertised to outside of your department.

Address One Another

When you work in a large hospital, it can be difficult for other employees to remember your name. This is especially true if you’re a new doctor or a nurse. It allows health professionals working in different departments to build a sense of team building faster. Because the owner’s name is on the tag, it can easily provide a form of accountability to employees. That is, if you behave rudely to another hospital staff member, your name is out there for all people to see.

Keeps Hospital or Department Secure

When you’re in a hospital, you’re all required to wear a uniform. If you have a 3M tag, for example, you can be quickly identified that you belong in the department. Generally, an ID tag can easily keep outsiders away from the hospital or your department. It’s particularly valuable in the hospital that takes care of high-profile individuals.

Easy Way for Patients to Identify the Professional

When you wear a stethoscope with ID tag and badge reel, you can be easily identified by your patients. The name tag provides accountability as patients will know exactly who they’re dealing with from the first time they make contact with the healthcare professionals. With beaded tags, you’re providing your patient an additional comfort because he/she knows the most important thing about you before you begin to taking care of him/her.

ID tag blanks aren’t as common as they were before. But they do offer a significant place in the hospital today. If you’re looking for an easy way to kick your service to another level, try adding tags to your steth. You’ll be surprised at how easy your patients can relate to you as you’re properly identified.

Types of Stethoscope Button ID Tag

Nowadays, it’s easier to buy a steth with ID tag. In cases where this equipment needs to be shared or in departments where it must be deposited to be used by others who are on active shift, personalization can still be achieved by having a cute tag.

You can easily purchase a name tag. It serves as a personalization or a decoration on your neck. Tags can be categorized based on where they’re placed in the actual tool.

A cherokee tag, for example, can be added to the neck area of the tool. It’s a junction area where the earpieces are connected to the tube. This area doesn’t only reinforce the structure of the tool but it also serves as an ideal focal point for any type of patient to recognize.

You can also purchase a crystal tag that’s attached to the tub itself. Although it dangles around a little more, the movement will keep a toddler calm while you’re listening to his/her heartbeat. A custom tag has a different means to latch on without causing any type of unnecessary pinching to the tube. In this case, it prevents sounds from being misinterpreted.

There are other forms of ID tags that you can purchase online. You can have an engraved ID tag for stethoscope or fancy ID tag. If you’re fond of using Littmann, you can choose to add Littmann tag grey to your collection. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of , then a Hello Kitty stethoscope name tag is an ideal choice.

How to Make an ID Tag?

Whether you’re purchasing a LSU stethoscope ID tag or a ID tag leopard, you can request the reseller to engrave your name on it before mailing it to you.

On the other hand, if the online reseller doesn’t provide free engraving on your ID tag, you can find several websites that offer engraving. If you need the tag to be personalized, you should communicate effectively with that you’re expecting to receive in your mail. The service provider who will make customization to your tag needs specific details of what information you wish to be placed on the tag.

Once the ID tag is done, you can never remove or edit it. That said, it’s important that you only make business with a competent or an experienced provider to give you the right name or information on the tag.

When choosing an establishment to perform the engraving, you should make sure that the company has a return policy. In this way, if you’re not satisfied with the job, you can ask for a refund.


Having a personalized name tag on your stethoscope can help you bring your game to the hospital where you work for. Adding some customization to your stethoscope can be a privilege. The use of ID tag is usually encouraged in the hospital or clinics because patients can easily identify the healthcare professionals who are taking care of them.

That said, you should never underestimate the benefits of having a name tag on your stethoscope. It doesn’t matter where to put the tag or what brand you’re using or what color you wish to have. The benefits of having one are immense.

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