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Nursing – The Humane Side Of The Selfless Profession You Didn’t Know About!

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If you have known a nurse up, close and personal, you would already know what a selfless profession it is. There are so many nurses who give up on literally everything just for the sake of being sure that they can do justice to their profession.

Nursing is a selfless job where nurses may have extremely long shifts, working hours with no breaks in between and they come across a lot of situations – from the precious moment of the birth of a child to even the loss of a near and dear one. They live so many stories and yet amidst everything, they often forget to live for someone – their own self.

This is one of the most beautiful videos you would ever see as you can find how nurses all over the world are tied by the love of their profession. Such is their work dedication that often they end up missing out on caring for their own self. While the nurse may be on her feet 24e x 7 and she will take care of every meal and every minute detail of a patient, there is no one to see if she is doing all right.

Nurses deserve all the love

If you manage to bump into a nurse today, remember to let them know that you value them. You should take out time to express your heartfelt gratitude because nurses often end up compromising on their own life for the sake of ensuring that the patients can have an easy life.

Why are they so selfless?

Well, there really cannot be an answer to it except they are made this way. We spoke to a few nurses and the answers we received were heartfelt and genuine.

“When I decided to become a nurse, I knew that this was a changing point in my life. I no longer see my children as different from the ones I help deliver in the hospital. Every child is special and I have seen too many births and death to NOT distinguish between all children of God. I love each one of them, like my own child.”

“Why am I selfless? Oh, you just become like that. It isn’t something we choose, compassion and kindness choose us. It works the other way. When you know that a little help on your part can help save a life, of course, our own life takes a back seat. There are few pleasures as enriching as knowing that you helped someone live. Of course, my personal priorities won’t matter. If this is what you find as being selfless, well I am glad to be so.”

It is really touching as to how most nurses don’t even acknowledge that they are such great people. The kind of selfless work they do and their dedication with which they help people around the clock is a true reflection of the beauty of their soul.

Is everyone so selfless?

Well, mostly the world of nursing grooms a person to be like this. When we decided to explore this aspect, most of the nurses we came around selflessly attended their patients and put their life on a back seat.

We even met nurses who had little kids, but when they were on duty, they weren’t just a mother to their own son, they were – nurses. Someone who would serve the patient with everything she had. Of course, we were all impressed.

Yes, there can be a few exceptions here and there just like in any other field. However, on the whole, nurses are mostly someone who would give up every other thing for the sake of doing justice to their profession. It is one of the most ethical professions and it is a proof that humanity still exists.

The next time you meet a nurse doesn’t just let her be. Make it a point to express how impressed you are and thank them. It is these little gestures, which end up making a huge difference. Of course, spread the word and you never know how happy nurses would be to know that there is someone who feels for the kind of lifestyle they live.

They deserve love, don’t they?

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