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More than Just a Nurse – Celebrating Nurses This National Nurses Week

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You have had to rush to the hospital at one point or another. You or a loved one fell ill and needed medical attention. The nurse was quick to receive you and find out what kind of medical attention you needed. The nurse then took your vitals; to make sure that any immediate concerns you had were quickly addressed. As you waited to see the doctor, the nurse reassured you that everything would be fine. The nurse was there with you every step of the way and explained anything that you didn’t understand. Up until when you saw the doctor, got your diagnosis and checked out of the hospital.

Nurses are the unsung heroes in the medical world. They are caregivers, clinicians, teachers, leaders and that friendly face you want to see around as you face medical challenges. However, how many of us take the time to truly appreciate just how important nursing and nurses are?

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Through the Good and the Bad

Hospitals are where lives often begin and unfortunately also where some are cut short. Might be the reason why most people generally don’t like hospitals. Nurses are there to wane off fears, celebrate the joys that come with welcoming newborns and the miraculous strides patients make in overcoming ailments. This is the reason why nurses are celebrated annually during the weeklong

National Nurses Week.

ANA (the American Nurses Association) developed the weeklong tribute to the work of nurses, which runs from the 6th to 12th of May. The week of paying homage to nursing symbolically concludes on May the 12th, which also happens to be the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale is remembered during the weeklong celebrations for the active role she played through the Crimean war in treating soldiers. Most importantly was her commendable role in establishing the profession of nursing in 1860 when she started a nursing school.

Culture of Safety

The 2016 theme for ANA has been dubbed the ‘Culture of Safety – It Starts with You.’

Something that most of us don’t think about is that safety is everyone’s individual responsibility. In the medical field, the culture of safety results in hard working nurses who feel that they are supported, heard and understood. This fosters transparency and accountability, and leads to a high level of results achievement. The Gallup Survey, conducted annually, has for 14 years in a row ranked nursing top when it comes to professions that uphold ethical standards and honesty.

It doesn’t end at providing high standards of quality care; nurses are also tasked with ensuring that their work environment is always safe. This means providing necessary safety education to all, making sure that all resources required to uphold safety standards are available and quality measurements are used towards improving the outcome of patients.

If you are a nurse, you should continue to be proud of promoting the culture of safety. We should all let the nurses in our communities know just how proud we are of them for their devotion to saving hundreds, thousands or even millions of lives.

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