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Massage Therapy May Help Nurses Manage Work-Related Stress

Managing work-related stress is crucial for nurses. It is important for them to release their stress in order to cope up with the ever-increasing patient loads, paperwork, follow-up, demanding schedules, and other responsibilities. Massage therapy may help nurses manage work-related stress and the symptoms associated with it, including shoulder tension, insomnia, headaches, joint pain, and fatigue. The article provides information about the various therapies that will be helpful for nurses to manage their work-related stress with ease.

The importance of massage therapy is releasing the stress and pressure from joints and musculoskeletal structure. Apart from this, the therapy is also helpful in improving the health conditions such as inflammation and osteoarthritis. Releasing the stress from the physical body is necessary to improve mental health, which is of immense importance in maintaining good health. You should also check out tens unit for back pain.

A research report published in clinical practice looked at the effect and feasibility of a 15-minute weekly chair massage during the work hours. The research tracked Smith anxiety scale, symptom visual analogue scale, linear analogue self-assessment scale, and mean perceived stress scale. 400 massage appointments were available out of which 329 were used. The results were astonishing, as there was a significant improvement in the stress-related symptoms exhibited by the nurses during work hours.


Massage therapy has a vital purpose to perform in the work setting to ease stress for healthcare providers, who are able to provide better optimal patient care. Medical and mental health professionals along with other consumers are leaning towards incorporating massage therapy as part of wellness regimens to assist with medical conditions. Of the total population, 83% individuals view the massage therapy as a beneficial to wellness and health. 88% believed that massage has an effect in reducing pain. A survey carried out on consumers revealed that about 74% of them received a massage therapy for stress and medical conditions. Furthermore, 53% claimed that their doctors recommended massage therapy at some point in time during a particular treatment.

The expansion on prior studies demonstrating the massage therapy and its effect on chronic low back pain, a condition that is affecting millions of Americans, including nurses, had a significant improvement among those who attended a massage therapy session. The study conducted on patients carried out the test by selecting the participants to attend a one-hour massage once a week for 10 weeks. The result was fantastic, as many of the patients who received the massage therapy saw a reduction in the use of over-the-counter medications. The study also considered the differences between the types of massage received during the therapy and found no specific alterations in the results, as both relaxation massage and structural massage proved beneficial in releasing work-related stress.

Other benefits according to various studies reveal that the massage therapy is helpful in controlling pain in people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, post-cardiac surgery pain, and inflammation after exercise, and fibromyalgia. Apart from reducing the symptoms of stress and suffering, a regular massage therapy provides the following benefits:

  1. Increased circulation
  2. Stimulation of lymphocytes that fight invaders
  3. Helps in releasing endorphins, the human beings natural painkiller
  4. Decreasing the discomfort and improving the range of motion from lower back pain
  5. Releases stress and softens injuries and overused muscles
  6. Reduces muscle spasms
  7. Reduces cramping
  8. Increases joint flexibility
  9. Provides a significant improvement in the pain for patients suffering from a migraine, which in turn helps in the reduction of using the medication
  10. Helps in reducing the pain that an individual experiences after a strenuous workout, eliminating the risk of developing muscle strain
  11. Reduces labor, the need for medication, and helps in speedy recovery of pregnant women
  12. Helps in reducing post-operation adhesions and edema
  13. Helps in reducing and realigning scar tissue after the healing has occurred

If it is possible for nurses to attend a 10-minute massage session during their work hours, it will prove beneficial in improving and managing work-related stress. Additionally, a weekly therapeutic massage will be helpful in improving mental and physical health. Good health coupled with the best stethoscopes for nurses will be helpful in listening patiently to the needs of the patients.