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Make Your Wish True, Find Highly Rewarding Nursing Jobs

When any one of your family struggles with daily tasks, it becomes essential to hire a nurse to take good care of them. Are you struggling to find a certified nursing assistant or are you a fresher who is just out of nursing school with a BSN searching for a job? We are here to take off some pressure from your lives. Some lucky people will get the job immediately they are out from school but not always. While that is a little disappointing, you do not have to worry anymore because now you have Hirenurse.com.

Year of establishment and objectives:

Hirenurses.com, established back in 2013 when there were not any websites of job portal, which could help nurses to find a job. Later, we expanded it by adding an option to search for nursing care assistants. Now it is easy to find an aide for your home or a nurse for your health care center. We also provide detailed background check of nurses so that you can view their experience and other details.

How we can help you

We, hirenurses.com are a group of nurses who started the portal to help 1000’s of qualified nurses who are in search of a job. With over 50,000 user base and 1000’s of nurse profiles, we deliver quality candidates to everyone who is looking for a certified nurse. Either you are somebody who is looking for a nursing assistant or a nurse looking out for a job, you have to create an account in our online portal. With our advanced search and state of the art interface, it is easy to search jobs as per your requirements or for nurses based on qualification and location.

Our portal is a place there are 1000’s of employers looking for a nurse and registering with us increases your visibility. We also have communities where you can interactive with other nurses and learn things together.


Tips to crack your next Interview

Getting through a job interview is always important whether you are a fresh or an experienced nurse. It is better to do a few mock tests with your real resume before attending the actual interview. With the help of hirenurse.com, it is easy to search for a job, but there are certain things you need to do your part to get qualified for the interview.

Keep complete copies of all previous job references so that in case if you are asked to submit, you have them handy. Familiarize yourself with the health care center or hospital and go through their website before appearing for the interview.

  • Be equipped with a list of strength along with proof of certificates. When the interviewer asks about your strong qualities, it is not enough to list a few qualities. You have to convince the panel about your strengths by giving those evidence. Refer a few situations you had in the hospital where these strengths helped you to get through difficult circumstances. You can also refer to the feedback you received from others for efficiently handling the situation without any emotional upsets.
  • Always show some enthusiasm towards getting the job when you are in front of the interview panel. It is your priority to earn the job, not theirs. Most of the qualified nurses fail to make it to the list just because they do not show enough enthusiasm towards getting the job. Talk about the various aspects of the nursing job that excites you. You might also focus on the point that you have a passion towards the job due to so and so reasons.
  • Make sure that you never talk bad about your previous employer no matter what has happened in real. Even your face expressions and attitude can leave a negative impression. You can always say you are looking forward to something more challenging and want to grow your expertise to other areas and that is the reason why you are seeking a job change.
  • Never try to put the blame for a mistake on others. Learn to take up the responsibilities failures that have happened from your side instead of blaming others. Your interviewer does not expect you to be perfect, but they are looking for somebody who is self-motivated and bold enough to pull off things.


We, hirenurses.com are working hard to expand ourselves to HR departments, and we offer exclusive nursing recruitment services from private job opportunities to opportunities in government hospitals. You can have a job just by naming it and a job that can satisfy you meeting your professional dreams!

Nurse. Brian

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