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Littmann Stethoscope Sale – Best Littmann Stethoscope Reviews 2017

If you need high-quality Littmann stethoscope for sale, then you have come to the right place. Although there are plenty of stethoscope brands on the market, Littmann is undoubtedly the most popular because of their top-notch units.

It is true that the company has greater marketing resources compared with other brands. However, the company has sustained its dominance by not producing inferior products. All units of this brand are of greater auscultatory capabilities.

This brand of stethoscope is not only best for doctors but it is also ideal for nurses and other medical professionals, including medical students.

Unfortunately, with so many options to choose from on the market, it can be a challenge to find that one unit that is best for you. But do not fret.

Our website is dedicated to provide you with in-depth information about Littman stethoscopes to help you make an informed decision before purchasing a unit.

Although almost all Littman units are of the best quality, not all of them are ideal for a certain purpose. But we can teach you what Littmann unit to buy for a particular purpose so you do not have to guess which one is a great option for your medical profession.

It does not matter what you are trying to use the stethoscope for. Whether you are just trying to obtain a blood pressure or listen to the chest of your patient, the right stethoscope can be a vital piece that can help assess your patient’s overall health condition.

One wrong assessment can truly affect the health of a patient and it may cause him/her to suffer a life-threatening condition because of that wrong move you make.

To make it easier for you to choose the top-rated units of Littmann, we have highlighted those best units rated by their actual customers.


#1. 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E

This Littmann stethoscope for sale is considered to be on an entry-level. But it still offers a high-quality alternative to a more expensive unit of Sprague. It is also an ideal model for nurses and cardiologists.

It is available in various colors, like purple, black pearl pink and Caribbean blue. With those options, you can easily find the one color that matches your favorite scrub or uniform.

As an entry-level instrument, it still comes with Littmann’s trademark of tunable diaphragm with dual-sided chest piece.

The shape of its chest piece has a shape of a teardrop that makes it easier for you to position the chest piece around the blood pressure cuffs. It also contours to your patient’s body.

Another great thing about this unit is that it is equipped with a bell/diaphragm chest piece for a more reliable acoustic performance.

It weighs only 118 grams, which makes this unit the lightest model of all Littmann stethoscopes for adults. Thus, it will be easier for you to hang it around your shoulder all day long. This is especially useful for caregivers and nurses who need to use this medical instrument for more than 12 hours.

With all of its basic to advanced features, this model from Littmann is great for licensed vocational nurses, nursing and medical students, and LPNs, among others.

The tunable diaphragm of this unit is one of the reasons it is a popular option for clinicians because they are able to hear different sound frequencies without having to turn the piece. They just need to adjust the pressure they apply onto the chest piece. This is indeed a time-saving feature that lets you focus on your patient.

Plus, it comes with resilient tubing that maintains the tube’s shape and flexibility even if you fold it tightly to your pocket.

This model is made in the USA so you can be sure of its consistent quality. The package includes soft-sealing ear tips and instructions on how to properly use it.

#2. 3M Littmann Classic II S.E Stethoscope

Available in six different colors, this Littmann stethoscope for sale is another dependable unit. This is an ideal tool for assessing and monitoring your patients. For millions of care providers worldwide, this is a wonderful option to achieve the best assessment for their patients.

With the use of its dual-sided chest piece made of stainless steel, you can experience excellent acoustic sensitivity. On one side, you can have a tunable diaphragm and on another, you can use its traditional bell.

Although this is great for various types of medical professionals, this is usually used by students and medical professionals to help them study and listen to heart and body sounds for diagnosis.

The technology of its tunable diaphragm is of a 3M invention. It lets you hear accurately different frequency sounds. To hear high or low sound, you just need to adjust how you press the chest piece. For low frequency sounds, the piece only needs light pressure. When you press it a little more, you will hear high frequency sounds.

For better comfort on your head, the headset tension is adjustable. You may squeeze it together or pull apart the tubes. The ear tips can also conform to your ear through its soft-sealing and snap-tight ear tips. But because the tips snap firmly to your ear tubes, you may need to make a significant effort to remove them from your ears.

This unit is also guaranteed to have a longer life because of its resilient tubing that’s flexible enough; it won’t get damaged when you fold it tightly into your pocket. Plus, it is not made of natural rubber latex, so it is great for professionals and students with very sensitive skin.

#3. 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

This model of Littmann offers a black plated chest piece with 27 inches tube. Cardiology III is prepared for clinicians and students who want to use a stethoscope with outstanding acoustic performance.

Not only that. It is also made to provide users with extraordinary flexibility. This is probably one of the most popular stethoscopes in the cardiology department.

The model features the trademark of Littmann – tunable diaphragms. They are great in delivering outstanding acoustic performance and convenience in assessing either adult or adult pediatric patients.

When you are diagnosing a child, you just need to remove the tunable diaphragm and replace it with a non-chill sleeve. The diaphragm can be easily converted to a traditional open when necessary.

Even though this model is designed with cardiologist in mind, this can still be used by specialists and general practitioners. EMTs, critical care nurses and other healthcare professionals can benefit from all features of this model.

It comes with all the basic features and beyond that can assist them in identifying, listening, and studying the heart, lungs, and other body sounds of adult and pediatric patients.

Since it is made in the USA, the quality is assured. With this model, it can easily pick up murmurs and crackles.

Most users of this model love the unit’s versatility of being able to switch from adult to pediatric, and vice versa. They just need to rotate the stem of the piece. Plus, they also love the high quality of the auscultation that this model can provide.

Although it is not the most affordable option for a stethoscope, it is definitely a perfect option that can last for years, even if you fold it tightly. You will also appreciate the length of its tube as it offers comfortable and secure feel throughout your shift.

#4. 3M Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope

This is an award-winning model with ergonomic design with outstanding diagnostic performance. It also delivers reliable performance. Thanks to 3M invention of tunable diaphragm.

This Littman stethoscope model offers comfort when you use it and apply onto your patient’s body.

Providing the best patient care, this model combines versatility in acoustic performance and reliability through its diaphragm technology. The technology is designed with convenience in mind in a single-sided chest piece.

One of the many things that users of this model like about this unit is that it does not hurt their ears when they use it. This is the result of the unit’s soft-sealing ear tips.

Although it is not on the expensive side, it still offers excellent acoustics. Even if you are in a noisy environment, the great seal of the tips will still let you hear what you need to hear from your patient’s body.

No one can also deny the model’s great durability. It is made of stainless steel and resilient tubing. It surely offers fantastic value to any type of users.

During emergency situations, you can conveniently use its single-sided diaphragm to immediately hear body sounds. Compared with other brands and models on the market, this unit lets you clearly hear breath sounds, bowel sounds, heart vitals, and others while you are listening to them in an ambulance.

Other units you might have tried would make it impossible for you to hear those sounds over a road noise.

Despite the pricier tag, this unit will serve you very well as a clinician. You can easily pick up faint heart or lung sounds. It surely is an amazing investment for any type of medical professionals.

#5. 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope

Considered by medical professionals as the best of the best stethoscopes, Littmann Master Cardiology offers excellent audio quality. Its chest piece is single-sided with tunable diaphragm. To make sure that your patient will have total comfort while listening to his/her body sounds, this unit offers a non-chill rim.

This model also includes scope kit that has a special procedure adaptor. The binaurals can be easily flexed millions times but it still maintains its proper tension.

For many users of this model, it has proven to be a more superior unit than other models on the market. It looks gorgeous, especially the black edition. Compared with other stethoscopes, this one has softer ear tips that can fit snugly into your ears. As a result, it can provide you better sound as it blocks out almost all ambient noise.

The head of this unit is also well-built. When you do touch it, it offers a solid feeling. The quality of the sound when you use this unit in hearing body sounds is superb. You will find that heart sounds are actually louder and clearer.

And when you do want to hear breath sounds, you will not be hearing muffled sound. Thus, with this unit, you no longer have to struggle just to listen to faint or dull breath sounds. This is especially useful when you are in a very loud environment.

With all of these benefits, it becomes an outstanding medical instrument that can surely help in assessing your patient. Designed for life, Littmann Cardiology stethoscope is worth a try.

#6. MatchMates Combination Kit with a 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope and a Mabis Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, Purple

This is another valuable kit for student and medical professionals. The kit contains state-of-the art instruments that will not only look good but they also perform and give a precise assessment of your patients. The package offers attractive kit with best-selling stethoscope of Littmann – Classic II S.E. It also includes the aneroid sphygmomanometer by Mabis.

For style and convenience, the instruments in the kit are color-coordinated.

Hearing body sounds using the stethoscope found in this kit is way better than when you use other units. With it, there is no need to buy a more expensive noise-cancelling stethoscope. This is all you need when you need to hear faint body sounds or take blood pressure of your patient in a loud environment.

Some users would even describe the pulse sounds they are hearing through the stethoscope as deafening as they are really loud.

The blood pressure cuff in the kit is really an added bonus as you can practice taking BP on your family and friends. This has everything that you need as a beginner.

What is more is that this kit does not have an expensive price tag. It is being offered at great price and high-quality. This is also especially great for those who wish to keep a BP kit at home and who know how to use a manual blood pressure reader. Both the stethoscope and the sphygmomanometer give clear and audible sounds.

When you try to do BP readings, you can actually hear the gushing or flowing of blood through the stethoscope included in this kit. This is truly worth the money, especially to those who are in the medical field.

Essentially, it can give you the confidence that you need when you take blood pressures. Truly, it is a great product.

#7. 3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope

This is another Littmann’s great invention. The Classic II is a dependable clinical tool based on the proven design of Littmann Classic series. With this model, it is easy for you to assess, monitor and diagnose your smaller patients – kids.

Unlike other stethoscopes on this list, this one is specifically designed for children or smaller patients. Through the use of its dual-sided chest piece, this model lets you deliver high acoustic sound, as you can easily hear both high and low-frequency sounds.

Because of its many benefits, it has become a go-to model by medical professional and students when they need to physically assess or make a diagnosis of their pediatric patients.

The soft-sealing ear tips can easily conform to your individual ears for a comfortable fit. The tubing is also very flexible that retains its shape even if you fold it tightly in your pocket or purse. Through its more improved tubing, this one can resist skin oils or alcohol allowing it to last longer than other stethoscopes on the market.

Like other Littmann stethoscopes, this pediatric stethoscope does not include natural rubber latex. It is truly a great benefit for users with very sensitive skin. It is no wonder it is being used by millions of medical professionals who are handling pediatric patients. This model offers superb audio quality.

When you wear and use this unit, you are expressing your commitment, not just to your personal success, but also to your commitment to helping your pediatric patients.

You may think that because it is for pediatric patients, this unit is the smallest on the market. But, no, it is not. Even so, it works great. It is not too large either. This is a wonderful unit that will not cause overlapping of the heart and lung sounds. You can also use it easily when you try to hear bowel sounds.

This is a very good investment if you are a nurse trying to assess the heart and lung sounds of newborns.

#8. 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

If you wish to own a stethoscope that offers not only high acoustic sensitivity but also exceptional performance, then you would surely like the features of Classic III from Littmann. One of its best features is the dual tunable diaphragm, which is a unique invention of 3M. It allows different types of clinicians in hearing different frequency sounds.

How? You just need to adjust the pressure you apply onto the chest piece. With this time-saving feature, it lets you focus on what is more important in assessing your patients.

The diaphragm is also non-chill. This proves to offer your patient the best comfort they need while you are trying to assess their medical conditions. The single-piece diaphragm, by the way, is easy to attach. It is also easy to clean as the surface is very smooth that does not come with some crevices.

Some stethoscopes on the market that are not made by Littmann will not let you hear lung and heart sounds, clearly. The hearing quality is superb. It is way better than when you use other units. Users of this model would describe the sound quality they hear as absolutely amazing. You cannot only hear body sounds clearly on adults but also on pediatric patients.

It is a very versatile model that you can easily switch from pediatric side to adult side. This is especially useful if you are not only taking care of adults but you are also handling pediatric patients. Compared with the Classic II, this one is quite heavier. Despite its heaviness, the difference is not really noticeable once you get the hang of it.

Another great thing about this unit is that it won’t cause your hair and lint to stick to its tubing. It is simply great to hang it around your shoulder. Murmurs? Clicks? You can pick them up clearly with the use of this unit. This is overkill for an ER nurse but in a very good way. Because of the sound or acoustic quality, this is great for those who are half-deaf.

This is surely a standard Littmann equipment as you can see in its quality and features. Breath sounds, GI sounds, and cardiac sounds are now easier to hear or listen.


littmann stethoscope sale 2

Did you know that when you wear a Littmann stethoscope around your shoulder you are considered as a more credible and trustworthy medical professional than those who use a different brand? The reason for this is that Littmann is known for its high quality stethoscopes and superb acoustic performance.

But because Littmann offers a wide array of stethoscopes, it can sometimes be difficult to find the one that you really need for your particular specialty. If you find yourself struggling to figure out what Littmann model you should consider, then let our Littmann stethoscope sale reviews help you make an informed decision. We will cover almost everything that you need to know about Littman and its models so you can have the right decision when choosing which of those models can be the right unit for your purpose.

Each model of Littmann offers soft ear pieces, adjustable spring tension, as well as great length and weight. Littmann models are the best selling stethoscopes on the market. With that being said, you can never go wrong with this brand. All of them provide the versatility that you need for your type of job.

Most of the Littmann stethoscope for sale we have discussed here are five stars.

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