Invicta Chronograph Watches For Men

Invicta began producing high-quality watches in 1991. Soon after, they became widely known for their excellent craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail.

Today, the company continues to manufacture some of the most aesthetically pleasing chronograph wristwatches in the world.

In this article, you can expect to find unbiased and informative reviews on two Invicta chronograph watches for men. They are the Invicta Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch and the Invicta Speedway Collection Chronograph Watch.

The reviews will inform you in great detail about the advantages, features, and downsides of these two wristwatches.

Tips for Choosing an Invicta Chronograph Watch

Not everyone is a watch expert: which, at times, can make it difficult to find a good chronograph watch. It is not always easy to figure out which watches are high qualities, and which are not.

  • Unless you are on a tight budget or want a very simple watch, do not go for whatever is cheapest. Most of the time, these watches reflect their costs and break fairly quickly, or do not have any extra features.
  • Find one that you like the style of. Even if it does cost a little more, it is usually well worth it.
  • Decide on a watch that will last as long as you need it to. Find something durable that you will not have to worry about breaking quickly.
  • It is not a good idea to buy the most expensive watches either. Look for one that is well within your price range, and has all of the features that you are looking for.

Invicta Chronograph Watch For Men Reviews

Invicta watches are very high quality. They usually have a minuscule amount of customer complaints, and at most a couple of negative reviews.

These two stylish chronograph watches are no different.

Invicta Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch

The first product to be reviewed is the Invicta Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch. This stylish black and gold wristwatch is sure to draw the attention of those around you.

The watch is manufactured using a polyurethane material and includes a black chronograph dial. It is considered to be one of the best high-performance sports watches currently available for the price.

The dials and subdials included with the watch feature full date information and chronographic functionality. The sleek Swiss quartz display utilizes precise movement to keep track of the current time, and a scratch-resistant durable mineral crystal to protect the dial.

The watch’s bezel highlights a bold contrast of gold-tone Arabic numerals with increments of 10 on the stainless steel black ring.

The case and the crowns are both a breathtaking gold-tone stainless steel; that adds on to the aesthetic value of the timepiece.

They connect with a durable polyurethane black and gold-tone rubber band that utilizes a buckle clasp to stay secured on your wrist. Upon purchase, the watch can be found placed in a small yellow gift box.

The watch is designed for moderate underwater use, featuring waterproof internal workings. These pieces are forged in a way where they can resist damage from water, and function flawlessly in depths.

Invicta is confident in the craftsmanship and durability of their products and offers a one-year limited warranty on this wristwatch.

Customer Reviews

The majority of clients who have used this product report that it works as expected, and looks great. They state that they tend to receive a plethora of compliments regarding the watch.

There are very few complaints, besides that some reviewers have not been able to contact customer service. The watch is designed for frequent underwater use, and customers enjoy the fact that they can swim without fear of damaging it.

Invicta Speedway Collection Chronograph Watch

The Invicta Speedway Collection Chronograph Watch boats being assembled by hand with precise attention to detail. It is one of the products in the exclusive Invicta Speedway collection.

An elegant, yet durable wristwatch that features a stunning two-tone stainless steel bezel, bracelet strap, and case. All of which are plated with twenty-three karat gold, which grants it a luxurious appearance.

The sleek white chronograph dial features gold-tone markers, a date display, and white-tipped hands.

The watch conveys times with great sophistication while also keeping the needs of an active sportsman in mind. Watches in the Invitica Speedway collection are designed to function during whatever sports you participate in.

It features Swiss chronograph movement and a stunning water resistance. Tritnite luminous hands, screw down case backs and textured dials in multiple colors are all-unique to wristwatches in the Speedway collection.

Customer Reviews

Reviewers are very satisfied with this product, stating that it performs admirably. Some of them even compare the appearance to wristwatches that are over a thousand dollars more expensive.

Best Deals

Much like the Invicta Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch, this wristwatch is available in numerous stores. It can be found on Amazon during frequent sales.

The Conclusion

Both of these cleverly designed chronograph wristwatches are geared towards sportsmen but offer much more. For example, they both feature stunning appearances that are sure to draw attention. They are very much alike, yet equipped for different purposes.

For features, they are both similar, but slightly modified for each watch. The Invicta Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Watch is by far better for underwater use.

On the other hand, the Invicta Speedway Collection Chronograph Watch would be the best choice for standard sports.

In the end, the watch, which you decide upon, should reflect your interests in style and appearance.

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