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Auriscope or Otoscope is an instrument that helps a doctor, nurse, and medical students to look into the ears. The device gives a better opportunity for healthcare providers to screen the ears for illness, infections, and other ailments. It also provides an opportunity to learn deeply about the ear canal with the help of the high-resolution images displayed by the instrument. The tool shows the eardrum and ear canal.

The variants of the Otoscope available make it a difficult decision for purchasing the best in the market. It is because the presence of wax, pus, shed skin, foreign body, canal skin edema, and other diseases obscure the view of the ear through the Otoscope. A common or a fundamental instrument may not fulfill the purpose of possessing the device.

The design of the Otoscope

An Otoscope is made up of a head and a handle. The head has a low power magnifying lens, and light source. The front end of the head, known as distal, has an attachment that gives the chance to place disposable or reusable ear specula. The diameter of the specula varies, and it is important to choose an appropriate size to ensure that the nozzle fits perfectly according to the size of the ear. Most of the instruments available in the market come with three or four different specula, which are either disposable or reusable.

Learning to use an Otoscope

There is a necessity to learn how to use an Otoscope. Furthermore, proper handling will provide the chance for the doctor to observe the ear canal with perfection. A perfect view of the ear will help the doctor to diagnose the problem or the illness and offer a treatment that eliminates it altogether. Additionally, Otoscopy helps the doctor to diagnose the entire ear-nose-throat complex.

1. The process of examination begins by choosing the best Otoscope with bright light, magnification factor, and air pressure capability. The presence of these features enables the healthcare provider to view the tympanic membrane with clarity. The following are the points that will provide complete information about using an Otoscope in a proper way.

2. The process begins by examining or inspecting the pinna and postauricular skin. Testing the tenderness of the pinna is important. You can check it by palpating the pinna gently. It will help you determine the existence of sensitivity.

3. The next step requires inspecting the entrance of the ear canal for pus and debris. Any presence of the elements will obstruct the view while using the Otoscope.

4. Select the largest specula provided with the Otoscope. You can comfortably place the specula with ease when you straighten the ear canal. For children, you can achieve this by retracting the pinna horizontally. For adults, you have to retract the pinna upwards and backward.

5. If the Otoscope you have has an aligning wheel, ensure that the wheel is in the default position. You can find the aligning wheel marked with a line and a dot on the handle of the device. While rotating the wheel, you can feel the settling down into the default setting. It is possible for you to treat ear infection by viewing the ear canal when the device is in its default position.

6. You will have to hold the Otoscope in an appropriate place to see the ear canal with clarity and understand what causes ear infections. You can hold the device in two different ways. The first method is similar to that of holding the hammer. You will grip the handle between the forefinger and the thumb with proximity to the light source. In the same position, you can even hold the pneumatic attachment with ease, between the palm of the holding hand and the handle of the device. Ensure to extend the ring finger and the middle finger to make them contact with the cheek of the observer. The placing of the fingers ensures that any sudden movement by the patient will not cause the specula of the device to jam in the ear canal. In the second method, you can place the Otoscope between the forefinger and the thumb, like holding a pencil.     The ulnar of the hand rests gently against the cheek of the patient. You can even hold the bulb of the pneumatic attachment in the same hand. Even if there is a movement by the patient, you will be able to move the device accordingly, providing any injury to the ear canal or the eardrum. It is important that you hold the instrument in the right position, especially while examining children. A sudden movement by the child will cause a scratch or piercing by the end of the specula.

7. You will further have to adjust the position of the specula to have a clear view of the ear canal. The action will give you the chance to look clearly for ear symptoms.

8. You can adjust the brightness of the light by rotating the wheel provided on the device. However, the default setting emits ample light to give a clear view of the canal.

9. If the view of the Otoscope is not clear, the doctor can adjust the focal length of the optics by adjusting the lens. You can use the wheel provided especially for this purpose near the eyepiece. You can reduce the focal length by zooming in and increase by zooming out.

10. If you are using disposable specula, remove it and dispose of it carefully after completing the examination.

Using Otoscope on a child

How to use Otoscope 1

When using the Otoscope on a child, it is important to pull the auricle backward and downward. For doctor, it is an important activity, as it brings the acoustic meatus in line with the ear canal. You will then have to hold the device like a pencil to ensure that you do not cause an injury to the child when there is a sudden movement.

Using Otoscope on a dog

How to use Otoscope 2

Your pet might often scratch or shake his head as if something is wrong. A veterinarian uses an Otoscope to look into the ears of your pet. The L-shaped ear canal of your dog makes it difficult to examine. However, with the help of the device, it is possible to obtain or view the ear canal with clarity. An early detection will be helpful for you and the pet to prevent unwanted infections, thereby reducing treatment costs. The veterinarian is capable of handling your pet and controlling it to ensure that the device does not cause any harm to the canal during the inspection. Any presence of foreign body, redness, or excess wax will help him provide treatment, which will reduce the spread of the infection or develop an illness.

Using Otoscope at home

How to use Otoscope 3

You will have to purchase a basic Otoscope meant for use at home. Before proceeding, it is important to receive training from the doctor and follow the instructions to use the device at home. Using the instrument is a better way to keep good health of every member of the family, especially children. You will have to ensure that the primary Otoscope is of good quality. A poor quality product will reveal nothing, and you will have to rely on frequent examinations carried out by the doctor.

Video How To Use Otoscope


Learning how to use an Otoscope will be of immense help for nurses and individuals. The information above detailed will help a medical student to gain insight into the operation of an Otoscope. If you are in search of a device that functions efficiently and fulfills your requirement, consider Dr Mom Otoscope. The medical tool is an essential instrument as it gives you the ability to view the ear canal for illnesses in high clarity. Additionally, the manufacturer provides you with high-resolution pictures, which you can compare with that of the patient. It also provides a weblink that details you to use them appropriately.

As you have learned to operate the device, you can now own an Otoscope that will help you view the ears of your children, family members, and even your pet. As there are many variants available in the market, it is preferable to carry out a simple search. Begin the process by noting your requirements. Based on this, you can easily narrow the search for the products that are professional and yet helpful for use in the house. You can then select a model based on the reviews and price. Make sure that you own a good Otoscope from a reputed manufacturer. Also, consider whether you would like to use reusable specula or a disposable one.

The medical tool will give you an excellent opportunity to keep every member of your family in good health. You can view the ears in high-quality display and note the symptoms. The process will help you avoid unnecessary infections or diseases, which require you to invest heavily in a treatment. Use it wisely and with caution. Remember! Prevention is better than cure!

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