How To Find 10 Best Watches for Nurses 2017

Choosing a proper medical watch for nurses is always a tedious task. It is a difficult decision to make because of the number of options available. To consider a watch, one must look at the design, the price, display specifications, and comfortability in wearing. Of all the other characteristics, these play a crucial role in narrowing the search and choosing best watches for nurses.

The article describes in detail about the ten promising watches that are suitable for nurses.

best watches for nurses

1. Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch

Casio Women's LRW200H-7BVCF Watch
List Price: $29.95
Price: $17.49
You Save: $12.46

The Casio LRW200H-7BVCF is a compact and simple watch, which receives inspiration from dive. The women watch is an analog timepiece with 100M water resistant. The bi-directional bezel with date display is the major attraction in the watch. The multi-colored face made out of resin glossy white resin material is a perfect companion for the nurse’s attire. The high characteristic of the materials used in the watch gives it a high accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per month. You do not have to worry about setting the clock frequently! Furthermore, it runs on a single battery that has a lifespan of 3 years! The lightweight product from Casio is a perfect timepiece for any nursing student.

2. Prestige Medical Women’s Cyber Gel Watch

Prestige Medical is a leading provider of accessories for the medical field. The Prestige Medical Cyber Gel watch for nurses is an amazing product. The sophisticated design quickly captures the attention of the viewer. The color coordinated face acts as a perfect accessory for doctors who seek a worthy timepiece that is also fashionable in appearance. The company concentrated more on comfort and convenience while designing the watch. The 24-hour dial format with hour markings makes it easy for a nurse to have a quick glance at the time. Furthermore, it is water resistant, which makes it completely stress-free for a nurse to use it at all times during the shift period. The affordable pricing and use of high-quality material make it a must-have timepiece for all those who seek a worthy medical watch.

3. Prestige Medical Nurse White Scrub Watch

The Prestige Medical Nurse White Scrub Watch fulfills the requirement of nurse’s who are in search of a perfect medical watch. The basic scrub watch from Prestige Medical features a lens with white plastic case. To give it an unusual composition, Prestige incorporated a white silicone resin band that compliments the entire appearance of the timepiece. The watch mainly fulfills the requirement of a scrub nurse. Prestige Medical ensured that the product lasts longer and provides resourcefulness by designing it perfectly. The Quartz movement provides accurate time display. The water resistance adds additional benefit, making it easy for a nurse to wear it at all times. It compliments nursing pillow perfectly, giving an excellent accessory for a nurse.

4. Prestige Medical 24-Hour Dial Nurses Glow Watch

Glow watches are a perfect addition to use by the nurses. The Prestige Medical 24-Hour Dial Nurses Glow Watch features a radium dial, which glows in the dark. The luminous dial makes it easy for any individual to have a quick glance at the time during the night. The use of the Chrome Case makes the watch durable and sturdier. In add elegance, Prestige Medical used a glass lens with white leather strap. The perfect blend of the materials with the design makes it a beautiful watch for nurses. It even compliments the nurse’s dress code, making it a perfect accessory for enhancing the overall appearance. It even correlates with the nursing pads, making it a beautiful accessory for a medical student.

5. Prestige Medical Analog Scope Watch

There is nothing pleasant than having a watch attached to the stethoscope. It offers easy access to time, making it convenient for the user. The Prestige Medical Analog Scope Watch is one among those products that attained a spot in the best watches for nurses. The Scope Watch attaches easily with all the stethoscopes, giving complete freedom to the user. The timepiece features a 24-hour dial with a 15-second quadrant. The quartz run timepiece functions efficiently and delivers accurate time with an accuracy of +/-20 seconds per month. The battery-operated watch is water resistant, with the battery running for good long three years. The watch is a perfect gift for nurses and those who compliment their profession. A nursing pillow is a perfect way to protect the baby and offer complete comforts during the feed time.

6. Timex Women’s T2H391 Easy Reader White Leather Strap Nurse’s Watch

As the name suggests, the white leather nurse’s watch is suitable for a nurse and other medical students. The Timex T2H391 sports a silver-tone stainless steel body with logo printed on the dial, red colored seconds hand, and white leather band. The classical design makes it a perfect addition to the wrist for those who seek elegance and substance at an affordable price. The quartz movement ensures accurate movement of the second’s hand, giving you accurate time display. The mineral glass protects the dial from scratches and other dirt particles, ensuring the longevity of the steel case. The featured Indiglo night-light lets you see the time during dark hours. With a water resistant up to 30m, the medical watch is a perfect accessory. The glow emitted by the watch is good enough to read nursing books at night!

7. Prestige Medical Quality Lanyard Watch

Prestige Medical, which focuses on providing high-quality accessories for the medical field, has come out with yet another useful product for the nurses – the military grade Lanyard watch. The watch features a 24-hour dial encased in a steel case. The watch uses swiveling lanyard with a breakaway design, which concentrates on providing convenience to the nurse. With an overall length of 20” and being a water resistant product, nurses receive the freedom to carry it all through their working shift. Best suitable for nurses who consistently use nursing apps for acquiring more information and knowledge. Made in the USA, the watch sports the lanyard necklace and displays military time. The timepiece is suitable for nurses who are comfortable with the military timing. Nonetheless, even beginners have an excellent opportunity to buy one and get accustomed to the military timing!

8. Casio Women’s LRW-200H-2BVCF Stainless Steel Watch

The Casio LRW-200H-2BVCF features a round dial, which adopts the design from the latest drive design, making it a fashionable nurse’s watch. The round dial features bi-directional bezel, hour markers, luminous hands, and the date window at the 3’o clock position. Made in the USA, the timepiece has a stainless steel case, which extends the protection offered by the case against scratches and falls. The mineral dial window and the quartz movement ensure that the watch displays accurate time at all times. The resin band enhances the comfort levels. With a water resistant level of up to 100m, the watch is suitable for activities such as snorkeling and swimming. It is a perfect medical watch that a nurse could have! The watch completes the overall dress code required for a nurse, which further compliments the nursing clogs.

9. Casio Women’s LRW200H-1BVCF Dive Series Diver Look Watch

Casio has always provided excellent timepieces. The LRW200H-1BVCF dive-series diver-look watch is a medical watch that complements and fulfills the need for an accurate watch for nurses. The round shaped case features black dial with luminous hands, date window at 3’o clock position, and 12/24-hour indices. The resin case offers excellent protection to the dial and prevents it from scratches. The Japanese Quartz movement ensures that you receive accurate time at times of the year! Furthermore, the ribbed designed resin band adds a fashionable statement, making it a perfect accessory for new generation nurses, who seek style and substance. The diver-look watch is water resistant up to 100m, giving an excellent provision for a nurse to use it all times comfortably and conveniently. It even compliments the stethoscope for nurses!

10. Casio Women’s LRW-200H-4B2VCF Pink Stainless Steel Watch

Made in the USA, the Casio LRW-200H-4B2VCF pink stainless steel watch is a medical watch, especially for nurses. The pink dial and the braided resin band add charm to the timepiece, making it one of the most admirable watches for medical students. The watch features bi-directional bezel with a three-year battery! The stainless steel case protects the white dial and ensures the longevity of the timepiece. The quartz movement ensures that you receive an accurate time. Additionally, it is water resistant up to 100m, making it convenient for a nurse to wear it all times – even while swimming and snorkeling! The pink stainless steel watch is a fantastic accessory for students who seek a fashionable and functional timepiece that uses a high-quality material. It even compliments any nursing dress code and stethoscope.

Choosing the best among all

When it comes to selecting the right medical watch among the best watches for nurses, it is vital to understand the features of the watches. The features give you the ability and the opportunity to segregate the search based on the functionality and requirement. An excellent medical watch allows a nurse to keep a complete track of their patients, time, and vital signs by being easily readable and accessible. Although there are different variants of the watches available for medical purposes, it is necessary to consider important features before buying a watch.

The following are a few important aspects that you should consider while buying a medical watch:

  • Watch Face

Decide whether you are comfortable with a 12-hour display unit or the military time. You can even consider whether you like the classic analog display with seconds hand or a digital display. You also have to consider the size of the numbers, which make a huge difference while viewing the time in critical situations.

  • Material

The material of the watch is important. As a nurse, it is your liability to ensure that you are offering a germ-free environment to your patients. Select a watch with a material that is easily cleanable. Do not choose watches with metal links, as they can pinch/puncture the skin. Also, consider whether the material is suitable for your skin and does not cause any allergy. A watch with decent protection level not only ensures longevity but also saves you money in the long run.

  • Watch type

Decide whether you are comfortable with wearing a wristwatch or lanyard watch. Both the variants have their advantages and disadvantages. Wristwatches are easily accessible for a quick glance at the time while lanyard watches are comfortable for nurses who feel uncomfortable in removing the watches while washing. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages. It will be helpful in choosing a wristwatch or a lanyard watch.

  • The price of the watch

The price of a decent medical watch for nurses depends on the brand and the features present in the timepiece. Although cost is important, do not consider it as the primary feature while choosing a watch. The quality of the watch, durability, stability, accuracy, and longevity of the watch define the performance. It is important that you consider these factors along with the price to narrow your search.

  • The important points for final buying

To make the final purchase an easy task, the following pointers will be helpful:

Prepare a list of things that you require in your medical watch. Ensure that they are important points but not unnecessary wants.

Read trusted reviews about various variants of the watches or the top ten medical watches for nurses. These reviews will provide you with useful information and insight into the performance and functionality of the watch.

Use the Internet to begin searching based on the above two points. Compare products and shop for different websites that offer medical watches. Ensure that you are viewing or comparing watches that fit your need.

Once you follow the guideline, you will be in a position to take an easy decision while buying a medical watch. It will also help you with useful information about nurse watches and their importance.

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