Best Tennis Shoes For Nurses Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

Scrubs, stethoscopes, smiles and… shoes. Nurses’ shoes are a crucial part of their wardrobe. Your shoes take you from patient to patient, room to room, and meeting to meeting. What kind of support you have from the soles of your feet determine the balance of your day.

The right kind of shoe can aid in all sorts of areas. Back pain, shin splints, joint aches and even posture can be remedied just by choosing a suitable shoe. Your ankles, knees and hips all need to be supported well in order for you to properly do your job.

Nurses’ shoes should perform well and look great. With a fast-paced job like nursing, it’s imperative that your outfits and accessories get the job done in a proficient manner.

We’ve reviewed two different brands of the best tennis shoes for nurses so that you can make an informed decision on your footwear purchase.

1. K-SWISS Women’s Tubes Run 100

Though the name insinuates a runner’s shoe, the K-SWISS Women’s Tubes Run 100 is so dimensional it can be a basic part of anyone’s attire. With flexibility, shock dispersion, and cushioning, this shoe demonstrates lightweight comfort in its productive design.

Leading Design with You in Mind

For traction and durability, the Tubes Run 100 shoe features a rubber AÖSTA II outsole, which will ensure maximum grip when rounding corners and making quick stops. The same AÖSTA II rubber is non-marking, so you can rest assured that your fresh steps won’t leave trails.

As you glide from point A to point B, you’ll be happy to discover the versatile properties K-SWISS offers in this product. The attractive aesthetic and the variety of colors make it fun to choose a pair that fits your needs. Color combinations include Blue, Black Fade/Bubblegum, Gray/Black/Neon pink, Neon Pink/Black Dot Fade, Neon Citron/Black Dot Fade, Fiji Blue/Black Dot Fade, Yellow/Black, and Clearwater/Aquarius Line Fade.

With the heel measuring approximately 1.5”, you won’t take up too much room wearing these tennis shoes. The featured stay-tied laces are a plus for nurses who don’t want to spend precious time re-tying their shoes.

Cool and Comfortable

Want to feel like you’re walking on clouds, while maintaining your mind at work? The Tubes 100 Run tennis shoes make it easy to forget you’re on your feet.

The special formula K-EVA midsole helps to keep your comfort level high so that you can better focus on the daily duties at hand. The breathable upper mesh and synthetic overlays keep your feet cool during long hours on the job.

Keeping records, administering medication, consulting doctors, monitoring patients and educating families are just a few things you do each day as a nurse. Why not do it all comfortably, and with style?

2. Sketchers for Work Women’s 76033 Soft Stride-Softie Lace-Up

Sketchers are known for their hard work in the non-slip shoe department, and this Soft Stride-Softie Lace-Up edition is no exception. The support that comes with these work women’s shoes almost feels as if you’re walking in a cushioned cradle with each step.

Logical Lace-Ups

The lace-up feature is one of many that will draw you to these shoes. While many nursing shoes are only slip on, these allow you the convenience of slipping them off and on fast, as well as lacing up for better security.

The reasonableness of this shoe is one of its top features. With a basic black or basic white tennis shoe, you can’t go wrong with nearly any scrub color to match. The black color option lends a hand in messy or spill-prone areas of nursing while the white color option can tend to look a bit more stark and classic. The leather shoe is enhanced with a synthetic sole that is both a breeze and a comfort.

With non-slip rubber on the bottom and quality leather on the top, this shoe is designed for uniform style and safe support.

OSHA compliant, high abrasion rubber covers the outsole and is perfect for changing directions as you work. The shoe’s perforated sides allow your feet to breathe and keep them dry during your duty.

The high arch support in these shoes rings in well with most work women. There is a contoured PU insole that is easily removed if you’re interested in bringing your own insoles to bat.

Get Up and Go

The padded tongue and collar and the handy pull tab at the heel make this shoe a breeze to get on and go. The Stride-Softie shoe has a compression molded phylon insole that keeps you supported in any situation.

The top leather on the shoe is both scuff and stain resistant, so you can be satisfied with the look of your shoes, even after a long day at work.

Whether you’re active every second, or standing still for hours on end, this shoe is designed to conform to you!

Essential Dependability

Whatever your choice may be, take your time in choosing. Your doctors and patients depend on you, and you need a shoe you can depend on too!

Working all day- or all night, in some cases- takes a toll on your feet and your body. It is essential that you make an informed decision on which tennis shoe best fits your need.

Shoes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and prices. While it may be fun to pick out the most stylish tennis shoe for your scrub outfit, it’s also important to consider buying a shoe that will guard your feet from pain for a full day at work.


Are you ready to make a change in your footwear and, consequently, your performance as a nurse? The best tennis shoes for nurses often include the features we’ve listed for you above in these reviews. Be sure to look out for your specific job needs when buying new shoes.

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