4 Best Stethoscope For Doctors Reviews Guide 2017

What’s the best stethoscope for doctors? In this review, we’ll show you our top four stethoscopes based on their features, benefits and user reviews.

Doctors are skilled medical professionals. But they also need the best devices to help them in providing their patients the best medical assessment. If you’re a doctor, you’ll need to use a stethoscope that can work best for you.

Finding the best model can take time, as you’ll need to conduct a thorough research for it. This site was developed to give you accurate and informative reviews about the best stethoscope for doctors. By arming yourself with the pieces of information we’ve provided, you can easily make an educated decision about the best unit you can use for your job.

Top 4 Best Stethoscope For Doctors 2017

1# 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope

  • Offers reliable and accurate acoustic response
  • Lighter in weight making it an ideal unit as an entry-level instrument
  • With tunable diaphragm that captures both high and low-frequency sounds
  • Easily fit under a blood pressure cuff because of its tear-drop shape
  • Provides patient comfort through its non-chill rim and diaphragm
  • Stays on your ears as the ear tips snap tightly in your ears
  • Affordable. At Amazon, you can purchase it at $43.49 giving you a savings of $19.79

2# 3M Littmann Master Classic II

  • With ergonomic design
  • Provides versatile acoustic performance and excellent auditory sensitivity
  • Has two-sided chest piece that’s made of stainless steel, so it won’t corrode no matter how long you’ll be using it.
  • Made of durable aerospace alloy
  • Very lightweight, weighing only 226.8 grams.
  • Comes with non-chill tunable diaphragm offering your patients with full comfort while assessing their medical conditions.
  • With tight seal headset that’s comfortable enough to help you obtain the best auscultation while using this unit

3# 3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope

  • With dual-sided chest piece
  • Smaller 3.3cm diaphragm, making it ideal for smaller or pediatric patients. But it can still be used for your adult patients in some situations.
  • High acoustic sensitivity through its versatile chest piece that has floating diaphragm and open bell
  • Comfortable fit for ear tips
  • With angled ear tubes that meet with your ear canals for your comfort and individual fit
  • Received 4.7 stars from actual buyers on Amazon, which says something about the excellent features of this product.

4# American Diagnostic Corporation Platinum Edition Adscope 615st

  • Allows user to achieve multi-frequency response via pressure adjustment
  • Provides patient comfort through its non-chill diaphragm
  • Can pick up S1, S2 and S3, as well as murmurs and other heart tones
  • Great not just for younger doctors but also for doctors with age-related hearing loss as it offers the clarity and the right volume of noise for proper assessment
  • Costs less when you purchase it at Amazon
  • With ideal weight and length for doctors and other medical professionals
  • Almost as great as other expensive stethoscopes on the market

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These stethoscopes are great options not just for doctors but also for medical professionals who need high-quality unit that can help them in assessing the medical conditions of their patients.

There are other units that you can find but we picked these four because of their accuracy, reliability and durability. Plus, they’re made by well-known manufacturers. They’re tested and proven by medical professionals.

Our number one choice, for instance, is being hailed as one of the best in the medical community. In fact, you could see Dr. Gregory House (Dr. House) wearing it around his neck on various scenes. It’s also being used in other popular hospital dramas.

Then again, our top choices may not be the best options for you. Hence, you need to look into the features presented before you make an actual decision. But you may use this review guide to help you find the most ideal stethoscope for your job position as a doctor in a certain medical department. Bear in mind that each doctor has his/her own requirements. Yours could be different from others.

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