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Did you know that when you wear high heels, parts of your feet are withstanding as much as 1,500 pounds of pressure per square inch? That is more than the weight of a 6,000-pound elephant in bare feet! Wearing this style of shoe on a regular basis can put chronic stress on your feet, which can lead to a myriad of issues, even including hairline fractures in the delicate bones of your foot. You can also sprain your ankle if it rolls on those stilettos. Ballet flats and flip-flops are really not much better. Since they rarely offer the kind of arch support your feet require, wearing completely flat shoes can lead to knee, hip, and back problems along with a painful foot ailment called plantar fasciitis. Likewise, if your feet roll inwards (known as pronation) or roll outwards (known as supination) when you walk, you will cause additional strain to everything from the heel to the neck.

While many people today have jobs that keep them at a desk most of the time, if you have a job that keeps you on your feet all day, such as a nurse, you want to choose your footwear very wisely.

For nurses in particular, in addition to standing and walking for most of their work day, they also have to be mindful of the fact that they will be bending and twisting quite a bit as well. This means that their footwear must not only protect their feet but must also take care of their knees, hips, and backs as well. We all remember the comfortable white sneakers that nurses used to wear, but there are so many stylish options nowadays!

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

One of the better selections is the very highly-regarded Dansko Women’s Professional Clog which is available in over thirty colors and patterns. The heel height measures approximately one and one-half inches with a one-inch platform. Combined, this makes the shoe just about the ideal height overall to keep the foot at the most natural angle to prevent long-term issues. It includes a box toe for protection and comfort as well as a padded instep and a rocker bottom to absorb the shock and impact of standing and walking on your feet all day. The wider heel area also gives better stability over the long term as well. These particular shoes seem to be loved by nurses! As an additional bonus, when scrubs do not allow for creative dressing, consider some of the fun and stylish prints available in these clogs. Dansko has an excellent reputation for creating shoes that provide support and comfort all day long. One additional note about this company, they are 100 percent employee owned!

Some of the comments from fans of this particular option, mostly nurses, include that they have saved their back, legs, and feet in addition to the fact that they seem to remove the strain and stress from the heels and hips. They seem to be “well worth the investment”! Many of the reviews also include feedback about the wide variety of colors available, so that they can coordinate with and liven up any outfit when scrubs can become a little dull.

Skechers for Work Women’s 76501 Clog

Another terrific choice is the nicely rated Skechers Work Women’s Clog. While it has significantly fewer color options than the Dansko shoe discussed above — black, white, and black patent only — the comfort and durability almost cannot be beaten. The rubber sole helps absorb impact and strain while the leather upper provides durable wear. The shock absorbing midsole and OSHA-compliant slip-resistant outer sole keep your body protected as you move about your day. The built in heel measures about one and one-half inches and the shoe even includes a removable comfort insole. Both of these features are designed for maximum comfort over the long hours that nurses spend on their feet. The internal heel stabilizer allows for a smoother walk and the rounded box toe makes sure that your little digits will not get compressed.

One fan could not help but give a top rating because the Skechers were “ridiculously comfortable” in their opinion. Another nurse comments that all of their hip and back pains are essentially gone because they started wearing these particular shoes. With reviews like “the shoe is very comfortable and looks great”, these are some of the best shoes for nurses who are on their feet all day. The Skechers brand as a whole is mostly known for high performance shoes as well as lifestyle footwear, which is a reputation that translates to comfortable and longwearing shoes for nurses.


Remember what we learned at the beginning of this article — that the wrong choice in footwear can result in putting more pressure on your feet than that of a 6,000-pound elephant! We certainly do not want to be mistaken for an elephant and our feet will thank us for making smart decisions about our footwear. When you spend eighty to ninety percent of your workday on your feet, you need to choose wisely. So in order to avoid the foot, knee, hip, and back pain that comes with poor footwear, be sure to choose your nursing shoes wisely. Nonslip soles for a safer work environment, good arch support for the feet and body, and sufficient cushion to absorb all of those steps. Both of the options we have discussed here not only provide the kind of support your body needs but they are stylish as well.

If you already have to manage one of the conditions that we have mentioned such as plantar fasciitis or bad knees, make sure to select footwear that will accommodate these issues and not exacerbate them. And do not forget, if the shoe is overall very comfortable but not quite the perfect fit, protective and cushioning insoles can be a true lifesaver, for both the nurse and the patients they care for!

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