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10 Best Otoscopes Reviews Guide 2017

An Otoscope or auriscope is a therapeutic tool that is helpful in diagnosing the problems faced by the ears. Health care providers use an Otoscope to look into the illness of the ear during regular health screening and initiate an investigation to access the symptoms of the ear. The device portrays a clear view of the ear canal and eardrum or the tympanic membrane. The eardrum acts as the barrier between the ear canal and middle ear. Therefore, the characteristics displayed by the canal will provide a diagnostic assessment of the diseases in the ear space. Selecting a model that provides high-quality view is necessary for a doctor to diagnose the ailment and offer accurate treatment.

Advanced technology and Otoscopes

The technological advancement in the medical field helped manufacturers to provide instruments that are capable of assessing to near precision. For a medical student, it is important to understand the reasons for the diseases occurring in the ears. A better way to look at the scenario is by using an Otoscope. The article provides information on the best Otoscopes available in the market.

1. Dr Mom Otoscopes – 3rd Generation Slimline Stainless LED Pocket Series

Dr Mom Otoscope comes with no risk 30-day money back guarantee, providing an opportunity for all those who are unsure about the quality of the product. The best element of the product is the product design. Dr Mom gives you the freedom from constant repairs or replacing the unit altogether! The unique design of the product gives you the chance to replace any part of the instrument individually. Moreover, the individual parts are inexpensive. A simple switch activates the LED bulb, providing ample light to reflect and display the inner region of the ears. It has 90 days Woot limited warranty.

2. Dr Mom Otoscopes – 4th Generation LED Pocket Series

The 4th Generation Otoscope from Dr Mom is a revolutionary product. It equips quality scratch the resistant optical lens, giving a better quality of the picture. You receive the 5x magnification, and the DC-DC boost converter as added features! It has a NOSE cone for easy replacement according to the requirement. The product comes with a weblink, where you will view 30 high-resolution pictures of the eardrum. The disposable specula ensure that you do not use the same cone repeatedly. It arrives with a longer shelf life and gives you the freedom to use it for the next ten years! You can individually replace the parts, if the need arises, and continue to use the product without any trouble.

3. Dr Mom Otoscope – 3rd Generation Hard Case Slimline Stainless LED Pocket Series

The Hard Case 3rd generation Slimline Stainless LED Pocket series from Dr Mom gives you an excellent chance to understand what causes ear infections in detail. The series include full spectrum LED and pocket clip. The product has multi-patents for bright white LED light along with DC-DC booster converter. The 3x magnifications give a closer look at the ear canal. It also has 30 high-resolution images, which you can use to predict an infection. You will further gain access to a weblink for detailed instructions on using the pictures.

4. Doctor Mom Hard Case Original Pocket Otoscope

Doctor Mom is leading medical device provider with a good reputation across the industry. The Hard Case Original Pocket Otoscope is an amazing instrument to view the ear canal with perfection. The product is available in three specula sizes – 2.5mm, 3mm, and 4mm. The product uses Krypton bulb, which is incandescent. It is useful for those who feel comfortable using the yellow light and feel uncomfortable with the new technologies or the bright white LED light. The device uses a crystal clear lens that has zero distortion. It comes along with 30 high-resolution pictures, which one can gain detailed instructions using the weblink provided by the manufacturer.

5. EMI Basic Student Otoscope

EMI or Elite Medical Instruments is offering a basic Otoscope for students, who would like to get a first-hand experience in using the device. The device, which is basic, is useful for home use. It is also useful for nurses, who perform the preliminary examination or post-treatment analysis on patients. The product is simple and has a clip trigger that activates the light source. The speculum provided with the product is re-usable, and the device uses two AAA batteries to function. Please note that the device is an entry level Otoscope and one should not compare it with a professional instrument.

6. RA Bock PRO Fiberoptic LED Otoscope

The RA Bock PRO Fiberoptic LED Otoscope with ophthalmoscope is an exceptional device for those who are in need of both Otoscope and ophthalmoscope. The Otoscope is the first device that uses efficient fiberoptic LED to display the inner region of the ears. The best feature of the device is the full spectrum LED white light that is equivalent to the sunshine. The light source provides an opportunity to view the insights of the ear in high clarity. You receive lifetime light source due to the use of fiberoptic. You can also buy a device with lifetime LED light source! The kit also has disposable specula along with pediatric accessories.

7. Dr Mom Pocket Veterinary Otoscope

If you in the medical field and looking forward to learning how to treat ear infection, then it is suitable to begin the treatment by accessing the disease. With the help of Dr Mom Pocket Veterinary Otoscope, you will view the ear canal with high clarity. Additionally, you do not have to depress about the bulb burning out! The device uses crystal clear optics, which runs for a lifetime. You will also receive extra long specula, giving you the chance to operate the device with ease and comforts. As it uses low power consumption, you receive a longer battery life, reducing the overall cost of operating the apparatus.

8. EMI Click Otoscope

EMI Click Otoscope with Case EOM-952
List Price: $10.49
Price: $10.49
You Save: N/A

EMI concentrates on providing affordable Otoscopes. The Otoscope functions efficiently and uses two AAA batteries (included with the product) to operate. The product uses reusable specula, which is an alternative for a doctor who is learning the basics of using the device and understanding the infections occurring in the ear. The compact size of the instrument makes it easy to hold and carry anywhere. It uses a single button click to power on the light source, making it convenient while handling the device.

9. Mini Pocket Fiber Optic Otoscope

As a caretaker, it is important that you understand ear symptoms down to its root. A better way of looking at the infection is by viewing it. You can use the mini pocket fiber optic Otoscope to get a clear image of the ear canal and the condition. The lightweight product is an excellent value for money, making it a worthy investment for beginners. The halogen bulb generates sufficient light to give you a clear picture of the canal without producing high amount of heat. It comes with a pocket clip, canvas pouch, disposable specula, 3x magnification and uses two AA batteries.

10. Welch Allyn PocketScope Otoscope

The Welch Allyn PocketScope Otoscope uses a long life halogen bulb providing bright light for viewing the dark regions of the ear canal. The multi-usable device also functions as a throat illuminator or all-purpose penlight by detaching the Otoscope. The use of fiber optics helps in generating cool light without any reflections. The use of wide-angle lens gives you the ability to use it under magnification for better results.

An otoscope is a necessary device for a medical student, doctor, and a nurse who attend to ear problems. The best Otoscope in the market provides an excellent opportunity for the healthcare provider to view the ear canal for infections in high clarity. The reason is the use of high-quality lenses and LED light source that is bright and white. Although used Otoscopes are available in the market, it is preferable to select or buy a new device to ensure that the doctor is providing accurate treatment to the patient. The reason is that one cannot be sure about the use of the old instrument, or the circumstances under which it is available for sale.


If you are in search of a device that will be by your side and provide you excellent results, then it is better to choose a model that has received good recognition from doctors. You can also study the reviews of the commodity to understand the functionality, quality, and performance of the device. After you have narrowed the list of the products, you can then select the Otoscope that fulfills your requirement and budget. Using a high-quality product is necessary to ensure that you are diagnosing the symptoms of the ear of the patient with perfection. Only then you will be in a position to provide an appropriate cure, which begins to work and helps the patient overcome the symptoms and infection that they are facing for a long time.