Best Nursing Shoes For Flat Feet 2017

Chances are, you are reading this because you suffer from flat feet or a similar disorder, and you are having some difficulty finding the ideal pair of shoes. In this article, we highlight the best nursing shoes for flat feet and provide you with an in-depth review of their key advantages.

The Importance of Flat Feet

Flat feet is a common deformity wherein the arches of the foot simply collapse, with the majority of the foot’s sole coming into contact directly with the ground.

Disadvantages of Having Flat Feet

Having flat feet is a known cause of a number of problems when walking, running, and in certain cases even just standing in place. The most significant problem makes it difficult to walk correctly, which appears in the majority of cases relating to flat feet.
Another common symptom of flat feet is a pain in multiple parts of the affected foot or feet. There is also an increased risk of injury while running and jogging, which includes back problems, tendonitis, and shin splints.
Most of the time, flat feet will not cause any notable pain, in which case there is no cause for concern, and treatment is entirely possible. In more severe cases, though, the affliction may be permanent although the symptoms can be reduced with proper care.
One of the most effective ways to decrease pain and promote good posture is to use specially-made nursing shoes for flat feet, which are reviewed thoroughly later on in this article.

Finding Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet

When you have flat feet, it can be fairly difficult to find comfortable shoes, especially good ones. This section outlines the many features of the Vionic Zen, which is considered one of the best shoes for people who suffer from flat feet.
If you prefer your current shoes, we also go over specially-designed insoles that may provide you with the same comfort.

1. Vionic Zen – Women’s Walking Shoes – Orthaheel

The Vionic Zen is a pair of leather walking shoes designed for a number of disabilities relating to flat feet. It is said to provide excellent support and flexibility for hours of walking while also reducing foot pain and other symptoms.
The shoe is manufactured using quality leather, which comprises the majority of the shoe’s material. The sole is made almost entirely out of rubber, with a strong EVA midsole, both of which provide increased shock absorption.


There are many advantages that come with using these shoes, all of which are designed to provide stability and comfort to those with flat feet.
The first of which is the excellent support it provides to the wearer, helping their feet to stay arched correctly. The sole of the shoe is designed for the purpose of absorbing shock, preventing injuries while running or walking.
The bottom face of the sole features a flexible patterned tread that helps grip onto surfaces. While the shaped insole helps restore your feet to their natural position.
With these significant advantages and several less notable ones, this shoe is highly recommended for everyday use.

Customer Reviews

The majority of customers who purchased a pair of these shoes have been satisfied with the quality and comfortability that it provides.

Best Deals

While these are available for purchase in several different online stores, Amazon offers one the lowest prices and even has occasional sales on the item. It is available in several color schemes, from black to white and pink.

2. Superfeet GREEN Premium Insoles

The Superfeet Green Premium Insoles are designed to nurse flat feet back to their natural position. They can be easily slipped into most shoes (and used in conjunction with the Vionic Zen.)


These handcrafted insoles are guaranteed several distinct advantages, all of which help to support and heal flat feet.
The insoles are crafted using durable synthetic materials capable of lasting multiple years without the need to be repaired or replaced. The tops of the insoles are coated in a supportive, yet comfortable mesh that provides comfort to the wearer.
The high-arched insole helps keep your feet in the correct position, and slowly heal flat feet. They are used to defend against aches and pains in the feet, knees and more using shock-absorbing sole technology.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customers who bought a pair or more of these insoles report that it is comfortable, durable, and affordable. There are no major complaints about the product or its manufacturer.

Best Deals

Like the Vionic Zen, these insoles are available from multiple online stores, and Amazon again offers a better deal on the product. Although, this specific pair of insoles is only available in a single color: green. Which is not too big of a problem, since most of the time you cannot see the insoles anyways.


When you have flat feet, Plantar Fasciitis, or some other related foot derangement, the shoes you wear really matter. If you are not given the proper support and care from your shoes, it is entirely possible for new complications to form.
The problem is that it is not always easy to find specialized shoes designed for flat feet, and it is even harder to find ones that are anywhere near good quality. They just aren’t available in most stores, online or not.
That is the purpose of this article: to help you find the best nursing shoes for flat feet. Something capable of supporting, and slowly healing your feet, while still providing ample comfort and a lasting durability.

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