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4 Best Stethoscope For Nurses Reviews Guide 2017

Are you shopping for the best stethoscope for nurses? Whether you’re still a nursing student or you’re already working as a nurse, it’s ideal to know and understand the many factors in helping you pick the right stethoscope for nurses or a nursing student .

The market is filled with different brands and models. Currently, there are two types of stethoscopes available. These are acoustic and electronic. The former is widely used and highly rated by doctors. This is because it’s more affordable than the latter. Electronic type, on the other hand, is still being used by some nurses but only those who can afford its price tag.

When shopping for the best stethoscope for nurses, it’s best to pick up the model with good sound quality. In this way, you’ll be able to properly measure BP and listen to body sounds of patients.

Another thing to consider is the weight of the model. You don’t want some heavy thing hanging around your shoulder while working, do you?

The stethoscope must also include comfortable earpiece. In this way, it won’t fall off when you’re listening to the body sounds of your patient.

A nursing student doesn’t have to pick the most expensive model on the market. Licensed nurses, on the other hand, must get a specialized model that’s recommended by their department.

Top 4 Best Stethoscope For Nurses In The 2017 Market

To help you out, here’s our list of the best stethoscopes for nurses.

1# 3M Littman Classic II S.E. Stethoscope

It comes in multiple colors. You can opt for black, orange, pink, purple, burgundy, and Caribbean blue, among others. But this isn’t only ideal for nurses. This is also great for those who are working in the healthcare industry. They’ve come to rely on this model for its high acoustic quality, as well as compact design.

Here are the pros of choosing this model:

  • Enhances sound quality. This is thanks to its patented tunable diaphragm that lets you listen to low-frequency sounds. The tunable diaphragm has greater surface area that improves sound quality.
  • Listens to body sounds optimally. Its headset is designed to perfectly fit into the ear canal. In this way, it won’t fall of while using it.
  • Comes with latex-free materials. This is especially great for users with allergies. Bear in mind that latex can cause allergic reaction to the skin and may affect how you listen to the body sounds because of the discomfort it brings.
  • Provides comfort during exams. It has non-chill rim and diaphragm so your patients will remain comfortable while you’re examining them.


  • Some of its users complained of hurting their ears each time they use it.

2# 3M Littman Lightweight II S.E

Just like the Classic, Lightweight II S.E. is available in a variety of colors, such as lilac, green and blue. It also comes with a non-chill diaphragm for patient’s comfort. This is ideal for nurses who are just starting to work. Seasoned nurses can also take advantage of its benefits.

The price is cheaper than the Classic II. Thus, it’s great for those who are still starting out in the nursing department.

Let’s take a look at some of its pros:

  • Comes with teardrop-shaped chest piece. It makes it easier for you to position it around the cuffs of sphygmomanometer when getting the blood pressure of your patient.
  • Has a cheap price. This is one of the attractive factors of this scope. You don’t have to break the bank just to have a personal stethoscope. But this doesn’t mean it lacks the features that you need to accomplish your task.
  • No turning over of chest piece. With its tunable diaphragm, you can easily listen to low and high-frequency sounds without having to turn the chest piece over.


  • It’s a general stethoscope. You can’t use it in the pediatric department.

3# Omron Sprague Rappaport

Just because you need a stethoscope, doesn’t mean you need to spend more than $100. With this model, you’ll only need to spare less than $12 to get one. Yes, that’s how affordable this model is.

Even though it’s one of the cheapest scopes on the market, it can still provide you the quality that you need for your nursing tasks.

Here are some of the advantages of opting for this model:

  • Includes two diaphragms: small and large. The former is used for children and the latter is for adults. Thus, you don’t need another scope when you’ll be assigned to the pediatric department.
  • Is made of latex free materials. It’s one of the best features of this model. You don’t have to worry about having allergic reactions to latex.
  • Comes in multiple sizes. We’re referring to its tubing lengths as they come in various sizes. In this way, you can choose which one is great for a certain patient and the other one for another patient.


  • The two tubes generate confusion because of the sound artifacts they produced. But, as soon as you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to adjust.
  • Other customers also complained of the ear tips not being comfortable. They said that they created little pain when they put them in their ears.

4# Primacare DS-9290-BK Classic

If you really wanted extremely cheap stethoscope, then this model is your best bet. On Amazon, it sells at $6.50. The price may go down further during holiday season. So, better watch out for that.

For the majority of its users, this model is considered as an excellent piece of scope without having to spend more. It may only allow you to perform basic tasks, like listening to heart and lung sounds; it still offers high-quality sounds. Of course, don’t expect its acoustic rating to outperform that of expensive models. Still, the quality is high enough that lets you hear body sounds clearly.


  • Cheap. It’s one of the cheapest stethoscopes. But the price doesn’t mean it lacks quality. This means you’re not paying for the brand, rather with the quality it brings.
  • With thicker tubes. They can help in preventing picking up of surrounding noises and losing signal. They also prevent distortion when you use this scope for a long time.
  • Takes less time to assemble.


  • It lacks proper instructions on how to hear better sounds with this device.
  • It can only be used for basic auscultation tasks. You can’t use it during critical events. This is also not ideal for cardiology.

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Having the best stethoscope for nurses is necessary so you’ll be able to hear body sounds accurately. As a nurse, you’ll be assigned to different departments, unless you’re specializing on one area.

Most of the time, nurses pick a general diagnostic stethoscope. This allows them to use it in different areas. For those who are working in emergency situations, the best scope should have adult and pediatric functionalities.

All of the stethoscopes we’ve discussed above have been evaluated for their sound sensitivity. Each of them offered excellent sound quality, based on reviews from actual users. Although not all of them have tunable diaphragm, they’re still a good choice in hearing high and low-frequency sounds.

The models listed above are efficient units that can accommodate your height, arm length and your range of motion. They also have ear pieces that fit perfectly. They’re made of materials that can fit snugly.

When picking the best one for yourself, you may need to try different scopes before you can find that one good fit. With the help of this guide, however, you can save time in finding the right scope.

Regardless of how great a scope is, it’s still ideal to improve your skills in listening to body sounds. Bear in mind that a stethoscope is only a device that will assist you in performing your tasks. But, with a good scope, you can easily hone your skills in properly hearing body sounds.

How To Find 10 Best Watches for Nurses 2017

Choosing a proper medical watch for nurses is always a tedious task. It is a difficult decision to make because of the number of options available. To consider a watch, one must look at the design, the price, display specifications, and comfortability in wearing. Of all the other characteristics, these play a crucial role in narrowing the search and choosing best watches for nurses.

The article describes in detail about the ten promising watches that are suitable for nurses.

best watches for nurses

1. Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch

Casio Women's LRW200H-7BVCF Watch
List Price: $29.95
Price: $17.49
You Save: $12.46

The Casio LRW200H-7BVCF is a compact and simple watch, which receives inspiration from dive. The women watch is an analog timepiece with 100M water resistant. The bi-directional bezel with date display is the major attraction in the watch. The multi-colored face made out of resin glossy white resin material is a perfect companion for the nurse’s attire. The high characteristic of the materials used in the watch gives it a high accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per month. You do not have to worry about setting the clock frequently! Furthermore, it runs on a single battery that has a lifespan of 3 years! The lightweight product from Casio is a perfect timepiece for any nursing student.

2. Prestige Medical Women’s Cyber Gel Watch

Prestige Medical is a leading provider of accessories for the medical field. The Prestige Medical Cyber Gel watch for nurses is an amazing product. The sophisticated design quickly captures the attention of the viewer. The color coordinated face acts as a perfect accessory for doctors who seek a worthy timepiece that is also fashionable in appearance. The company concentrated more on comfort and convenience while designing the watch. The 24-hour dial format with hour markings makes it easy for a nurse to have a quick glance at the time. Furthermore, it is water resistant, which makes it completely stress-free for a nurse to use it at all times during the shift period. The affordable pricing and use of high-quality material make it a must-have timepiece for all those who seek a worthy medical watch.

3. Prestige Medical Nurse White Scrub Watch

The Prestige Medical Nurse White Scrub Watch fulfills the requirement of nurse’s who are in search of a perfect medical watch. The basic scrub watch from Prestige Medical features a lens with white plastic case. To give it an unusual composition, Prestige incorporated a white silicone resin band that compliments the entire appearance of the timepiece. The watch mainly fulfills the requirement of a scrub nurse. Prestige Medical ensured that the product lasts longer and provides resourcefulness by designing it perfectly. The Quartz movement provides accurate time display. The water resistance adds additional benefit, making it easy for a nurse to wear it at all times. It compliments nursing pillow perfectly, giving an excellent accessory for a nurse.

4. Prestige Medical 24-Hour Dial Nurses Glow Watch

Glow watches are a perfect addition to use by the nurses. The Prestige Medical 24-Hour Dial Nurses Glow Watch features a radium dial, which glows in the dark. The luminous dial makes it easy for any individual to have a quick glance at the time during the night. The use of the Chrome Case makes the watch durable and sturdier. In add elegance, Prestige Medical used a glass lens with white leather strap. The perfect blend of the materials with the design makes it a beautiful watch for nurses. It even compliments the nurse’s dress code, making it a perfect accessory for enhancing the overall appearance. It even correlates with the nursing pads, making it a beautiful accessory for a medical student.

5. Prestige Medical Analog Scope Watch

There is nothing pleasant than having a watch attached to the stethoscope. It offers easy access to time, making it convenient for the user. The Prestige Medical Analog Scope Watch is one among those products that attained a spot in the best watches for nurses. The Scope Watch attaches easily with all the stethoscopes, giving complete freedom to the user. The timepiece features a 24-hour dial with a 15-second quadrant. The quartz run timepiece functions efficiently and delivers accurate time with an accuracy of +/-20 seconds per month. The battery-operated watch is water resistant, with the battery running for good long three years. The watch is a perfect gift for nurses and those who compliment their profession. A nursing pillow is a perfect way to protect the baby and offer complete comforts during the feed time.

6. Timex Women’s T2H391 Easy Reader White Leather Strap Nurse’s Watch

As the name suggests, the white leather nurse’s watch is suitable for a nurse and other medical students. The Timex T2H391 sports a silver-tone stainless steel body with logo printed on the dial, red colored seconds hand, and white leather band. The classical design makes it a perfect addition to the wrist for those who seek elegance and substance at an affordable price. The quartz movement ensures accurate movement of the second’s hand, giving you accurate time display. The mineral glass protects the dial from scratches and other dirt particles, ensuring the longevity of the steel case. The featured Indiglo night-light lets you see the time during dark hours. With a water resistant up to 30m, the medical watch is a perfect accessory. The glow emitted by the watch is good enough to read nursing books at night!

7. Prestige Medical Quality Lanyard Watch

Prestige Medical, which focuses on providing high-quality accessories for the medical field, has come out with yet another useful product for the nurses – the military grade Lanyard watch. The watch features a 24-hour dial encased in a steel case. The watch uses swiveling lanyard with a breakaway design, which concentrates on providing convenience to the nurse. With an overall length of 20” and being a water resistant product, nurses receive the freedom to carry it all through their working shift. Best suitable for nurses who consistently use nursing apps for acquiring more information and knowledge. Made in the USA, the watch sports the lanyard necklace and displays military time. The timepiece is suitable for nurses who are comfortable with the military timing. Nonetheless, even beginners have an excellent opportunity to buy one and get accustomed to the military timing!

8. Casio Women’s LRW-200H-2BVCF Stainless Steel Watch

The Casio LRW-200H-2BVCF features a round dial, which adopts the design from the latest drive design, making it a fashionable nurse’s watch. The round dial features bi-directional bezel, hour markers, luminous hands, and the date window at the 3’o clock position. Made in the USA, the timepiece has a stainless steel case, which extends the protection offered by the case against scratches and falls. The mineral dial window and the quartz movement ensure that the watch displays accurate time at all times. The resin band enhances the comfort levels. With a water resistant level of up to 100m, the watch is suitable for activities such as snorkeling and swimming. It is a perfect medical watch that a nurse could have! The watch completes the overall dress code required for a nurse, which further compliments the nursing clogs.

9. Casio Women’s LRW200H-1BVCF Dive Series Diver Look Watch

Casio has always provided excellent timepieces. The LRW200H-1BVCF dive-series diver-look watch is a medical watch that complements and fulfills the need for an accurate watch for nurses. The round shaped case features black dial with luminous hands, date window at 3’o clock position, and 12/24-hour indices. The resin case offers excellent protection to the dial and prevents it from scratches. The Japanese Quartz movement ensures that you receive accurate time at times of the year! Furthermore, the ribbed designed resin band adds a fashionable statement, making it a perfect accessory for new generation nurses, who seek style and substance. The diver-look watch is water resistant up to 100m, giving an excellent provision for a nurse to use it all times comfortably and conveniently. It even compliments the stethoscope for nurses!

10. Casio Women’s LRW-200H-4B2VCF Pink Stainless Steel Watch

Made in the USA, the Casio LRW-200H-4B2VCF pink stainless steel watch is a medical watch, especially for nurses. The pink dial and the braided resin band add charm to the timepiece, making it one of the most admirable watches for medical students. The watch features bi-directional bezel with a three-year battery! The stainless steel case protects the white dial and ensures the longevity of the timepiece. The quartz movement ensures that you receive an accurate time. Additionally, it is water resistant up to 100m, making it convenient for a nurse to wear it all times – even while swimming and snorkeling! The pink stainless steel watch is a fantastic accessory for students who seek a fashionable and functional timepiece that uses a high-quality material. It even compliments any nursing dress code and stethoscope.

Choosing the best among all

When it comes to selecting the right medical watch among the best watches for nurses, it is vital to understand the features of the watches. The features give you the ability and the opportunity to segregate the search based on the functionality and requirement. An excellent medical watch allows a nurse to keep a complete track of their patients, time, and vital signs by being easily readable and accessible. Although there are different variants of the watches available for medical purposes, it is necessary to consider important features before buying a watch.

The following are a few important aspects that you should consider while buying a medical watch:

  • Watch Face

Decide whether you are comfortable with a 12-hour display unit or the military time. You can even consider whether you like the classic analog display with seconds hand or a digital display. You also have to consider the size of the numbers, which make a huge difference while viewing the time in critical situations.

  • Material

The material of the watch is important. As a nurse, it is your liability to ensure that you are offering a germ-free environment to your patients. Select a watch with a material that is easily cleanable. Do not choose watches with metal links, as they can pinch/puncture the skin. Also, consider whether the material is suitable for your skin and does not cause any allergy. A watch with decent protection level not only ensures longevity but also saves you money in the long run.

  • Watch type

Decide whether you are comfortable with wearing a wristwatch or lanyard watch. Both the variants have their advantages and disadvantages. Wristwatches are easily accessible for a quick glance at the time while lanyard watches are comfortable for nurses who feel uncomfortable in removing the watches while washing. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages. It will be helpful in choosing a wristwatch or a lanyard watch.

  • The price of the watch

The price of a decent medical watch for nurses depends on the brand and the features present in the timepiece. Although cost is important, do not consider it as the primary feature while choosing a watch. The quality of the watch, durability, stability, accuracy, and longevity of the watch define the performance. It is important that you consider these factors along with the price to narrow your search.

  • The important points for final buying

To make the final purchase an easy task, the following pointers will be helpful:

Prepare a list of things that you require in your medical watch. Ensure that they are important points but not unnecessary wants.

Read trusted reviews about various variants of the watches or the top ten medical watches for nurses. These reviews will provide you with useful information and insight into the performance and functionality of the watch.

Use the Internet to begin searching based on the above two points. Compare products and shop for different websites that offer medical watches. Ensure that you are viewing or comparing watches that fit your need.

Once you follow the guideline, you will be in a position to take an easy decision while buying a medical watch. It will also help you with useful information about nurse watches and their importance.


4 Best Stethoscope For Doctors Reviews Guide 2017

What’s the best stethoscope for doctors? In this review, we’ll show you our top four stethoscopes based on their features, benefits and user reviews.

Doctors are skilled medical professionals. But they also need the best devices to help them in providing their patients the best medical assessment. If you’re a doctor, you’ll need to use a stethoscope that can work best for you.

Finding the best model can take time, as you’ll need to conduct a thorough research for it. This site was developed to give you accurate and informative reviews about the best stethoscope for doctors. By arming yourself with the pieces of information we’ve provided, you can easily make an educated decision about the best unit you can use for your job.

Top 4 Best Stethoscope For Doctors 2017

1# 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope

  • Offers reliable and accurate acoustic response
  • Lighter in weight making it an ideal unit as an entry-level instrument
  • With tunable diaphragm that captures both high and low-frequency sounds
  • Easily fit under a blood pressure cuff because of its tear-drop shape
  • Provides patient comfort through its non-chill rim and diaphragm
  • Stays on your ears as the ear tips snap tightly in your ears
  • Affordable. At Amazon, you can purchase it at $43.49 giving you a savings of $19.79

2# 3M Littmann Master Classic II

  • With ergonomic design
  • Provides versatile acoustic performance and excellent auditory sensitivity
  • Has two-sided chest piece that’s made of stainless steel, so it won’t corrode no matter how long you’ll be using it.
  • Made of durable aerospace alloy
  • Very lightweight, weighing only 226.8 grams.
  • Comes with non-chill tunable diaphragm offering your patients with full comfort while assessing their medical conditions.
  • With tight seal headset that’s comfortable enough to help you obtain the best auscultation while using this unit

3# 3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope

  • With dual-sided chest piece
  • Smaller 3.3cm diaphragm, making it ideal for smaller or pediatric patients. But it can still be used for your adult patients in some situations.
  • High acoustic sensitivity through its versatile chest piece that has floating diaphragm and open bell
  • Comfortable fit for ear tips
  • With angled ear tubes that meet with your ear canals for your comfort and individual fit
  • Received 4.7 stars from actual buyers on Amazon, which says something about the excellent features of this product.

4# American Diagnostic Corporation Platinum Edition Adscope 615st

  • Allows user to achieve multi-frequency response via pressure adjustment
  • Provides patient comfort through its non-chill diaphragm
  • Can pick up S1, S2 and S3, as well as murmurs and other heart tones
  • Great not just for younger doctors but also for doctors with age-related hearing loss as it offers the clarity and the right volume of noise for proper assessment
  • Costs less when you purchase it at Amazon
  • With ideal weight and length for doctors and other medical professionals
  • Almost as great as other expensive stethoscopes on the market

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These stethoscopes are great options not just for doctors but also for medical professionals who need high-quality unit that can help them in assessing the medical conditions of their patients.

There are other units that you can find but we picked these four because of their accuracy, reliability and durability. Plus, they’re made by well-known manufacturers. They’re tested and proven by medical professionals.

Our number one choice, for instance, is being hailed as one of the best in the medical community. In fact, you could see Dr. Gregory House (Dr. House) wearing it around his neck on various scenes. It’s also being used in other popular hospital dramas.

Then again, our top choices may not be the best options for you. Hence, you need to look into the features presented before you make an actual decision. But you may use this review guide to help you find the most ideal stethoscope for your job position as a doctor in a certain medical department. Bear in mind that each doctor has his/her own requirements. Yours could be different from others.

How To Choose The Best Shoes For Nurses

If you work as a nurse, you know full well, how often you need to be on your feet. You may be sore every time you head to bed at night and often your legs may ache a great deal too.

So, don’t you want to know what would be the best shoes that can help you out? As a nurse, you should already be aware of the specifics of how the right shoes can help you stay agile and at the same time, keep your legs comfortable too.

Now is the time to get rid of the constant pain and ache with this smart guide. When picking the best shoes for nurses, there are a lot of points you need to adhere to.

For starters, focus on these points and it should sort out the trouble for you, at least a little.

  • Always prioritize comfort. In your field of profession, you cannot let comfort take a back seat. You will have to run from one ward to other, and your shoes have to be comfortable.
  • The right fit: wearing shoes that do not fit could be a terrible mistake to make. Be sure that you are looking for the best fit that is tailored for your legs. This helps in improving comfort too.
  • Short breaks: even with the best shoes give your feet a short and tiny break from time to time.

Following these points should help you be on your feet and still stay pain-free. For more help on how to pick the best shoes and pamper your leg, be sure to check this whole guide. We have a lot of fantastic points for you.

There are so many patients you need to attend. Of course, you will be on your feet all day long! So, pick wisely.


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Learn The Easy Steps For How to use An Otoscope

Auriscope or Otoscope is an instrument that helps a doctor, nurse, and medical students to look into the ears. The device gives a better opportunity for healthcare providers to screen the ears for illness, infections, and other ailments. It also provides an opportunity to learn deeply about the ear canal with the help of the high-resolution images displayed by the instrument. The tool shows the eardrum and ear canal.

The variants of the Otoscope available make it a difficult decision for purchasing the best in the market. It is because the presence of wax, pus, shed skin, foreign body, canal skin edema, and other diseases obscure the view of the ear through the Otoscope. A common or a fundamental instrument may not fulfill the purpose of possessing the device.

The design of the Otoscope

An Otoscope is made up of a head and a handle. The head has a low power magnifying lens, and light source. The front end of the head, known as distal, has an attachment that gives the chance to place disposable or reusable ear specula. The diameter of the specula varies, and it is important to choose an appropriate size to ensure that the nozzle fits perfectly according to the size of the ear. Most of the instruments available in the market come with three or four different specula, which are either disposable or reusable.

Learning to use an Otoscope

There is a necessity to learn how to use an Otoscope. Furthermore, proper handling will provide the chance for the doctor to observe the ear canal with perfection. A perfect view of the ear will help the doctor to diagnose the problem or the illness and offer a treatment that eliminates it altogether. Additionally, Otoscopy helps the doctor to diagnose the entire ear-nose-throat complex.

1. The process of examination begins by choosing the best Otoscope with bright light, magnification factor, and air pressure capability. The presence of these features enables the healthcare provider to view the tympanic membrane with clarity. The following are the points that will provide complete information about using an Otoscope in a proper way.

2. The process begins by examining or inspecting the pinna and postauricular skin. Testing the tenderness of the pinna is important. You can check it by palpating the pinna gently. It will help you determine the existence of sensitivity.

3. The next step requires inspecting the entrance of the ear canal for pus and debris. Any presence of the elements will obstruct the view while using the Otoscope.

4. Select the largest specula provided with the Otoscope. You can comfortably place the specula with ease when you straighten the ear canal. For children, you can achieve this by retracting the pinna horizontally. For adults, you have to retract the pinna upwards and backward.

5. If the Otoscope you have has an aligning wheel, ensure that the wheel is in the default position. You can find the aligning wheel marked with a line and a dot on the handle of the device. While rotating the wheel, you can feel the settling down into the default setting. It is possible for you to treat ear infection by viewing the ear canal when the device is in its default position.

6. You will have to hold the Otoscope in an appropriate place to see the ear canal with clarity and understand what causes ear infections. You can hold the device in two different ways. The first method is similar to that of holding the hammer. You will grip the handle between the forefinger and the thumb with proximity to the light source. In the same position, you can even hold the pneumatic attachment with ease, between the palm of the holding hand and the handle of the device. Ensure to extend the ring finger and the middle finger to make them contact with the cheek of the observer. The placing of the fingers ensures that any sudden movement by the patient will not cause the specula of the device to jam in the ear canal. In the second method, you can place the Otoscope between the forefinger and the thumb, like holding a pencil.     The ulnar of the hand rests gently against the cheek of the patient. You can even hold the bulb of the pneumatic attachment in the same hand. Even if there is a movement by the patient, you will be able to move the device accordingly, providing any injury to the ear canal or the eardrum. It is important that you hold the instrument in the right position, especially while examining children. A sudden movement by the child will cause a scratch or piercing by the end of the specula.

7. You will further have to adjust the position of the specula to have a clear view of the ear canal. The action will give you the chance to look clearly for ear symptoms.

8. You can adjust the brightness of the light by rotating the wheel provided on the device. However, the default setting emits ample light to give a clear view of the canal.

9. If the view of the Otoscope is not clear, the doctor can adjust the focal length of the optics by adjusting the lens. You can use the wheel provided especially for this purpose near the eyepiece. You can reduce the focal length by zooming in and increase by zooming out.

10. If you are using disposable specula, remove it and dispose of it carefully after completing the examination.

Using Otoscope on a child

How to use Otoscope 1

When using the Otoscope on a child, it is important to pull the auricle backward and downward. For doctor, it is an important activity, as it brings the acoustic meatus in line with the ear canal. You will then have to hold the device like a pencil to ensure that you do not cause an injury to the child when there is a sudden movement.

Using Otoscope on a dog

How to use Otoscope 2

Your pet might often scratch or shake his head as if something is wrong. A veterinarian uses an Otoscope to look into the ears of your pet. The L-shaped ear canal of your dog makes it difficult to examine. However, with the help of the device, it is possible to obtain or view the ear canal with clarity. An early detection will be helpful for you and the pet to prevent unwanted infections, thereby reducing treatment costs. The veterinarian is capable of handling your pet and controlling it to ensure that the device does not cause any harm to the canal during the inspection. Any presence of foreign body, redness, or excess wax will help him provide treatment, which will reduce the spread of the infection or develop an illness.

Using Otoscope at home

How to use Otoscope 3

You will have to purchase a basic Otoscope meant for use at home. Before proceeding, it is important to receive training from the doctor and follow the instructions to use the device at home. Using the instrument is a better way to keep good health of every member of the family, especially children. You will have to ensure that the primary Otoscope is of good quality. A poor quality product will reveal nothing, and you will have to rely on frequent examinations carried out by the doctor.

Video How To Use Otoscope


Learning how to use an Otoscope will be of immense help for nurses and individuals. The information above detailed will help a medical student to gain insight into the operation of an Otoscope. If you are in search of a device that functions efficiently and fulfills your requirement, consider Dr Mom Otoscope. The medical tool is an essential instrument as it gives you the ability to view the ear canal for illnesses in high clarity. Additionally, the manufacturer provides you with high-resolution pictures, which you can compare with that of the patient. It also provides a weblink that details you to use them appropriately.

As you have learned to operate the device, you can now own an Otoscope that will help you view the ears of your children, family members, and even your pet. As there are many variants available in the market, it is preferable to carry out a simple search. Begin the process by noting your requirements. Based on this, you can easily narrow the search for the products that are professional and yet helpful for use in the house. You can then select a model based on the reviews and price. Make sure that you own a good Otoscope from a reputed manufacturer. Also, consider whether you would like to use reusable specula or a disposable one.

The medical tool will give you an excellent opportunity to keep every member of your family in good health. You can view the ears in high-quality display and note the symptoms. The process will help you avoid unnecessary infections or diseases, which require you to invest heavily in a treatment. Use it wisely and with caution. Remember! Prevention is better than cure!

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Best Stethoscope For Nurses

Things You Must Know About Stethoscope ID Tag – Stethoscope Name Tag


A stethoscope is a recognized symbol in medicine. Worn around the neck of a doctor or a nurse, its primary use is to listen to body sounds. Designed to listen to heart and lung sounds, a scope can also be utilized by a medical professional to listen to bowels and blood flow.

But this medical tool can easily be misplaced by the owner or interchanged with others. Thankfully, you can buy this tool that comes with a stethoscope ID tag- stethoscope name tag. In addition to it being able to help you identify your own steth, the name tag is customizable in a way that you can design it to truly fit your identity.

The Importance of an ID Tag Bling

From security to labeling your own scope, having a name tag provides a myriad of advantages. Besides the obvious, the badge can have a positive impact on your patient care. It builds doctor’s identity when you add your full name to it. While the steth, is restricted to be used within the hospital setup, you can wear it during lunches or break times. Your name gets advertised to outside of your department.

Address One Another

When you work in a large hospital, it can be difficult for other employees to remember your name. This is especially true if you’re a new doctor or a nurse. It allows health professionals working in different departments to build a sense of team building faster. Because the owner’s name is on the tag, it can easily provide a form of accountability to employees. That is, if you behave rudely to another hospital staff member, your name is out there for all people to see.

Keeps Hospital or Department Secure

When you’re in a hospital, you’re all required to wear a uniform. If you have a 3M tag, for example, you can be quickly identified that you belong in the department. Generally, an ID tag can easily keep outsiders away from the hospital or your department. It’s particularly valuable in the hospital that takes care of high-profile individuals.

Easy Way for Patients to Identify the Professional

When you wear a stethoscope with ID tag and badge reel, you can be easily identified by your patients. The name tag provides accountability as patients will know exactly who they’re dealing with from the first time they make contact with the healthcare professionals. With beaded tags, you’re providing your patient an additional comfort because he/she knows the most important thing about you before you begin to taking care of him/her.

ID tag blanks aren’t as common as they were before. But they do offer a significant place in the hospital today. If you’re looking for an easy way to kick your service to another level, try adding tags to your steth. You’ll be surprised at how easy your patients can relate to you as you’re properly identified.

Types of Stethoscope Button ID Tag

Nowadays, it’s easier to buy a steth with ID tag. In cases where this equipment needs to be shared or in departments where it must be deposited to be used by others who are on active shift, personalization can still be achieved by having a cute tag.

You can easily purchase a name tag. It serves as a personalization or a decoration on your neck. Tags can be categorized based on where they’re placed in the actual tool.

A cherokee tag, for example, can be added to the neck area of the tool. It’s a junction area where the earpieces are connected to the tube. This area doesn’t only reinforce the structure of the tool but it also serves as an ideal focal point for any type of patient to recognize.

You can also purchase a crystal tag that’s attached to the tub itself. Although it dangles around a little more, the movement will keep a toddler calm while you’re listening to his/her heartbeat. A custom tag has a different means to latch on without causing any type of unnecessary pinching to the tube. In this case, it prevents sounds from being misinterpreted.

There are other forms of ID tags that you can purchase online. You can have an engraved ID tag for stethoscope or fancy ID tag. If you’re fond of using Littmann, you can choose to add Littmann tag grey to your collection. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of , then a Hello Kitty stethoscope name tag is an ideal choice.

How to Make an ID Tag?

Whether you’re purchasing a LSU stethoscope ID tag or a ID tag leopard, you can request the reseller to engrave your name on it before mailing it to you.

On the other hand, if the online reseller doesn’t provide free engraving on your ID tag, you can find several websites that offer engraving. If you need the tag to be personalized, you should communicate effectively with that you’re expecting to receive in your mail. The service provider who will make customization to your tag needs specific details of what information you wish to be placed on the tag.

Once the ID tag is done, you can never remove or edit it. That said, it’s important that you only make business with a competent or an experienced provider to give you the right name or information on the tag.

When choosing an establishment to perform the engraving, you should make sure that the company has a return policy. In this way, if you’re not satisfied with the job, you can ask for a refund.


Having a personalized name tag on your stethoscope can help you bring your game to the hospital where you work for. Adding some customization to your stethoscope can be a privilege. The use of ID tag is usually encouraged in the hospital or clinics because patients can easily identify the healthcare professionals who are taking care of them.

That said, you should never underestimate the benefits of having a name tag on your stethoscope. It doesn’t matter where to put the tag or what brand you’re using or what color you wish to have. The benefits of having one are immense.

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Can you hear baby heartbeat with stethoscope?

We all love to listen to our heart. But how can we listen to the heart of our unborn child? Expectant moms are quite anxious to hear their baby’s sounds. With a stethoscope you can, under certain conditions. Isn’t it wonderful? Hearing the thumping heartbeat of the fetal baby can give parents to be an assurance that the baby is growing as he or she should be. It also provides information to the doctor or gynaecologist about the baby’s health.

You can hear the unborn child’s heartbeat with a number of methods such as stethoscope, fetal Doppler, pinard horn, fetoscope, obstetrics ultrasound and currently even through Apps. Doppler is quite expensive. Generally, you are able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat when you are almost 8 weeks pregnant using an obstetrics ultrasound. Else, you are able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat in the region of 10 weeks to 12 weeks using a fetal Doppler by visiting a pre-Natal care hub. Currently, we are concerned about how to listen to the baby heartbeat at home.

Can you hear baby heartbeat with stethoscope

But how can you hear baby heartbeat with stethoscope? Yes, you can. But how early can you be hearing baby with stethoscope? How many weeks? In this article, we shall discuss on how to hear the baby heartbeat at home using a stethoscope. A basic stethoscope is the simplest method to hear the fetal heartbeat at home. When you are about 18 and 20 weeks pregnant, the fetal heartbeat will be strong enough to be audible. Please buy a quality stethoscope from a reputable vendor. A good quality stethoscope can be bought at good local drugstore or sometimes also from stores selling office supplies. You may even borrow from a family member or friend, if they have. It is relatively cheap and easy to buy.

In case you have any queries or worries about your baby’s heartbeat, please contact your doctor.

Step 1

Lie down on your back in a quiet room. If there is background sound, it will be difficult to hear your baby’s heartbeat.

Step 2

Caress your stomach and attempt to find your baby’s back. This will sense similar to a smooth hard area. This is the topmost location to detect a fetal heartbeat.

Step 3

Put the ear tips of the stethoscope in your ears and the chest piece along your baby’s back.

Step 4

Hear with full awareness for a few minutes. If you do not perceive sound of the baby’s heartbeat, move the stethoscope up or down on the baby’s back. You may accidently even sense up your own heartbeat. Simply put the stethoscope on your stomach and listen. Patiently move it around a bit to find the heartbeat. Can you hear baby heartbeat with stethoscope? Position the stethoscope as near to the heart as possible.  You might even have to position it firmly into your belly to obtain superior contact with the baby. 

Do not be anxious if you do not perceive sound of the baby’s heartbeat immediately. Your baby’s heartbeat is influenced by a number of factors such as the foetus position, your placenta’s position, your weight and the accuracy with which the conception date was determined. It becomes quite difficult or impossible if your baby is placed posterior. The baby’s heartbeat will not often possess the clear thumping sound of your own heart. It is quite softer and more similar to the feeling in your eardrums and not very audible. If the room is very quiet and you focus carefully, you may perceive the sound. All stethoscopes are not equal – some perceive sound better than others. That is the reason to buy a good quality stethoscope.

Baby’s heartbeat sounds like a lot of galloping horses. The heart rate of a baby can vary in the range from 120 to 160 beats per minute in the womb. When you listen to it for the very first time, it can be a beautiful experience. In case the heart rate is slower or faster than the range of 120 upto 160bpm, it may imply a problem and one should contact the physician.

Here are the major developments happening to the baby at specific time intervals:

At 6 weeks – the baby appears like a small tadpole with a large bulge where the heart is and a bump at the head end of the neural tube. The heart can at times beat on a scan of vaginal ultrasound at this stage.

At 7 weeks – the embryo has grown to about 10mm long from head to bottom. The brain is growing rapidly. The embryo has a large forehead, and the eyes and ears continue to develop. The limb buds start to form cartilage, which will develop into the bones of the legs and arms.

At 8 weeks – the baby is also known as foetus, which means ‘offspring’. Its legs are growing longer and also forming cartilage.

At 9 weeks – the baby grow around 22mm in length. The face is forming gradually with bigger and visible eyes with some colour. There is a mouth and tongue, with tiny taste buds. The major internal organs such as the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys and gut continue developing.

At 10 weeks – The heart is now fully-formed. It beats 180 times a minute – that’s twice upto thrice as fast as your own heartbeat. The baby is making small, jerky movements which can be seen on an ultrasound scan. The ears and jawbones with milk teeth form.

At 11 weeks – The face bones are forming. The eyelids are closed, and will not open until next few months yet. The ear buds begin to look like ears.

At 12 weeks – the foetus is fully formed. All the bones, limbs, muscles, and organs are well in place, and the sex organs are well developed.

At 14 weeks – At 14 weeks, the baby is about 85mm long from head to bottom. The baby starts to swallow small amounts of amniotic fluid, which go through the stomach. The kidneys begin to work and the swallowed fluid passes back into the amniotic fluid as urine.

At 15 weeks – your baby begins to hear. The eyes begin to get sensitive to light.

At 16 weeks – The muscles of the baby’s face is capable of moving and it can make facial expressions. The nervous system keeps on developing, and in effect allows the muscles in the baby’s limbs to flex.

At 18 weeks – your baby is growing quickly, and now weighs around 150g. The body enlarges and the body and head become proportionally sized. The lines on the skin of the fingers are created and the baby therefore possesses her or his own personal fingerprints. The baby moves around quite a bit, and may react to loud noises from the exterior like music.

At 20 weeks – your baby’s skin is covered with a greasy whitish looking substance also known as the vernix. It is thought that this helps to protect the skin during the many weeks in the amniotic fluid.

At 21 weeks to 22 weeks – At 22 weeks, your baby weighs around 350g. Your baby starts to into sleep and waking up patterns. Your baby is practising breathing movements to prepare for life outside the uterus. Your baby gets its entire oxygen from you through the placenta, and henceforth will continue to do so until it is born.

Video Guide: “Listening to the baby’s heart beat”

In case you do not detect the baby’s heartbeat, it could be due to a number of reasons. Most the reasons are not a cause for alarm. However, do practice care specifically as per your case.

  • Your dates could be wrong– A number of times, it is difficult to get the conception date with accuracy. This also sets the due date off course as well. Each week causes vast developmental alterations to your child. Even if the dates are a week off, you won’t hear that heartbeat when you anticipate it.
  • Your uterus has slanted– The degree of slant will determine the baby’s heart position. Many times, the heart may be very far away to be perceived through your belly.
  • The baby has turned– The position of the baby also influences the sound perception of the heartbeat. The stethoscope must be very near to the heart to hear the baby’s heartbeat.
  • You have gained too much fat– During pregnancy, pregnant women do put on extra weight. Subcutaneous fat gets accumulated in skin layers and behaves as soundproofing layer for the womb. In case, you have gained a lot of weight, or were heavy initially, this can impede sound perception. The baby must become bigger with a stronger heart to hear sound.
  • There could be a chance of miscarriage– This is the one cause that all mothers are anxious about. Sometimes not being able to hear a heartbeat implies that there has been a miscarriage.

The very first time, you listen to your baby’s heartbeat, it is a remarkable and astounding moment. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time boosts your bonding with your baby. Using a stethoscope, you can. However, please ensure that the stethoscope is of good quality.

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Symptoms and Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmia

Cardiac arrhythmia is a term that refers to a change in the normal sequence of electric impulses. These impulses can cause the heart to beat faster or slower. If the heart will not beat properly, this will result in ineffective pumping of blood.

When the heart cannot pump blood effectively and efficiently, your lungs, brain and your other organ cannot perform their functions well. This will result in them shutting down or getting damaged.

Normally, your heart is a strong muscle that can pump blood continuously throughout your circulatory system. Your heart beats 100,000 times per day on average. It also pumps 2,000 gallons of blood every day.

With this in mind, in a 70-year lifetime, a human heart can beat more than 2.5 billion times.

Abnormal Heart Beats

As mentioned earlier, cardiac arrhythmia is a term used to describe abnormal beating of the hearts. There are times that this condition is harmless. However, for some, it can be life-threatening.

Some cardiac arrhythmias are brief enough that they will not cause the overall circulation. But if they would last longer, they could cause your heart rate to slow down or to beat faster. In return, your heart pumps blood less effectively.

When your heart rate is faster than normal, it is called tachycardia. In this situation, your heart beats more than 100 beats a minute.

On the other hand, if your heart beats slower than 60, a minute, then it is called bradycardia.



There are many things that can cause cardiac arrhythmia. Scarring of heart tissue, cardiomyopathy, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, stress, and drug abuse are just a few of the most common causes of this condition.

Certain factors can increase your risk of developing this condition. Any type of heart disease can cause any kind of arrhythmia. Having thyroid problems may also increase your chances of experiencing this condition.

Caffeine is also another factor that can cause your heart to beat faster. For some, it may develop into a more serious form of arrhythmia.

Symptoms of Cardiac Arrhythmia

There is a broad range of symptoms of cardiac arrhythmia. It can go from barely perceptible to a cardiovascular collapse. It can even cause death.

Palpitation or skipped beat is one of the most common symptoms of this condition. If the premature beats would occur often, they could cause you to become aware of it. The fluttering sensation can even be felt in the chest or neck.

If the abnormal heart beat last long enough, it can affect how your heart works. The more serious symptoms will develop, including fatigue, dizziness, chest pain, lightheadedness, shortness of breath and chest pain.

In extreme cases, your heart will collapse or cause a sudden cardiac arrest.

Doctors recommend learning how to monitor your pulse. This is especially true if you have an artificial pacemaker. In monitoring your pulse, you should put your second and third fingers of your one hand on the inside of your wrist of the other hand. Feel the pulse and count the number of beats for every minute. Then, keep a record of it.

Common Tests

There are several tests that can properly diagnose a cardiac arrhythmia. One of them is ECG or EKG (Electrocardioradiography). It’s a standard tool used by doctors to diagnose arrhythmias as it can record relative timing of the electrical events in your heart.

It is used to measure how long an impulse takes to travel through the atria and ventricles. But because of the fleeting nature of this condition, you may have a normal ECG even if you are complaining of irregular heartbeats.

The reason for this is that ECG is passive. This means that it can only record arrhythmia if it occurs.

Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmia

As stated above, most arrhythmias are harmless. They will not cause any harm, even if they are left untreated. However, if your doctor finds out that you have indeed this condition, he/she must need to know if it is abnormal or reflects the normal processes of your heart.

Now, if your arrhythmia turns out to be abnormal, your physician will immediately set up a treatment plan. The goal of any treatment plan for this condition is to prevent the formation of blood clots. This is to reduce your risk of suffering from a stroke.

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Treatment will also help in controlling your heart rate within a normal range and restore your normal heart rhythm. It also aims to treat the heart disease that has been causing your arrhythmias. Then, your treatment will also reduce your risk factors for suffering from a heart disease.

One of the most common treatments for this condition is the intake of medicine. The most popular medicines for this condition will include amiodarone, bepridil and disopyramide.

Ablation is also performed to treat rapid heart beating. It’s a non-surgical procedure with a success rate of 90 percent. With this in mind, you can easily go back to your normal activities after a few days.

Other treatment options will include defibrillation and some devices.

Managing cardiac arrhythmias

When managing your cardiac arrhythmias, it is a must that you avoid certain substances that can cause irregular heartbeat. These will include caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and cold/cough medicines.

Appetite suppressants must also be avoided, along with psychotropic drugs and beta-blockers for hypertension. Street drugs should be avoided. These will include marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamines.

How to manage your condition?

Although most arrhythmias are harmless, they can still increase your risk of heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrest. To manage your condition, you should learn how to reduce your high blood pressure, control your cholesterol levels and lose extra weight. It is also essential that you eat a healthy diet that is friendly to your heart.

As mentioned earlier, tobacco smoking should be avoided as it can only worsen your condition.

Getting regular physical activity is also a must to manage your condition.


Cardiac arrhythmias are fairly common. They are harmless at times. But they can also be life-threatening. For that reason, it is a must that you consult your doctor about it. Your situation may be a lot worse than you think.

What Do You Know About Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis?

This is a type of lung disease. It is the result of scarring or fibrosis of the lungs. As regards to its reason of scarring, scientists are still uncovering it.

When the scarring gets worst, it becomes harder for you to take a deep breath. And when deep breathing becomes difficult, your lungs can no longer take sufficient oxygen, making it more difficult for you to breathe.

IPF (Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) is a type of interstitial lung disease. It involves the tissue and the space around the lungs’ air sacs or commonly known as interstitium. It does not directly affect the blood vessels or the airways.

There are different kinds of interstitial lung disease and IPF is one of them. Each kind is treated differently. For that reason, patients are encouraged to consult a medical doctor to determine whether or not they have an IPF or another type of interstitial lung disease.

What are the possible causes of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

Unfortunately, up to now, the root cause of this disease is not yet fully understood.

There are several medical studies that have been conducted, but nothing could help in determining the real cause of this condition and why some people are suffering from it.

Because its nature is not completely understood, the term “idiopathic” is added to the pulmonary fibrosis.


Despite the fact that the real cause of this disease is not known yet, there are common risk factors. One of them is genetics.

Studies showed that up to 20% of people with this condition have a family member who is also suffering from it.

If there is more than one member of your family who has this condition, it is called familial pulmonary fibrosis.


Everyone knows how dangerous smoking is to the lungs. The majority of the sufferers have previously smoked or are currently smoking.

That said, if you have the habit of cigarette smoking, you might want to consider avoiding or quitting now.


Most of the sufferers of this disease also have this condition. In fact, it is considered as one of the symptoms.

Gender and age

Almost 75 percent of patients with this condition are males. And the majority of them are over 50 years old.

What symptoms do you need to know about idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

There are several symptoms of IPF, but the two most common causes are breathlessness and chronic cough.

Dyspnea or shortness of breath

This usually occurs during exercise. It can greatly affect your day-to-day activities, like getting dressed and eating.

And when your symptoms are not treated immediately, the scarring could get worse causing you to avoid all activities that could make it difficult for you to breathe.

Chronic cough

The majority of sufferers have a chronic cough that could last longer than two months or eight weeks. Most of the time, the cough is dry. However, there are patients who reported that their cough involves sputum or phlegm.

What other symptoms you must remember?

Besides a chronic cough and dyspnea, other symptoms of IPF will include chest pain, unexplained weight loss, loss of energy, changes in the shape of your fingers, and loss of appetite.

How is this condition diagnosed?

Apart from the fact that its real cause is not known yet, it is also difficult for it to diagnose. The reason for this is that its common symptoms are almost the same as other lung diseases. Even if you undergo an x-ray, the result may still point to another lung disease.

That said, it is necessary that you consult more than one specialist. You must see a respirologist or pulmonologist to help in diagnosing your condition.

There is no single test that can conclude that you have this condition. However, there are common tests that your doctor will prescribe to help him/her in properly diagnosing your disease.

Among the many medical tests to diagnose IPF will include PFT or breathing test, chest x-ray, blood tests, six-minute walk test, CT scan, and bronchoscopy. And if you have an unclear diagnosis, your doctor may perform a surgical lung biopsy. To do this, you will have to be under general anesthetic.

What of the treatment?

IPF is truly a complicated condition. Apart from the fact that it is difficult to diagnose and its real cause is not yet fully understood, this condition has no cure yet. That said, there are no medicines or medical procedures that can actually remove the scarring in your lungs.

The treatments that your doctor may prescribe will only slow down the progression of the scarring. They may or may not reduce the symptoms. Some medicines are prescribed, too. However, some patients cannot take them because of their severe side effects.

There are also medicines that can improve the other symptoms of IPF, such as the acid reflux. In this symptom, the doctor will prescribe an anti-acid therapy. For your shortness of breath, your doctor may recommend opioids, which are categorized as morphine.

Other treatments may include pulmonary rehab, oxygen and lung transplant.

Change in your lifestyle

This complicated disease is irreversible and it is progressive. For that reason, it is essential that you start making a lifestyle change.

How to get started? Simple. You must quit smoking. This may not cure your condition, but it will slow down its progression. Then, it is necessary that you get a flu shot every year. Your doctor may also recommend having a pneumonia shot per year.

It is also a must that you stay as fit and healthy as possible. And never interact with patients suffering from colds and chest infections. Your condition may get worse.

Pulmonary rehabilitation

This is common amongst smokers. It is a type of exercise designed for patients diagnosed with a lung disease. With this exercise, you can learn how to breathe more efficiently. In this way, you can carry out your daily activities with less breathlessness.

In terms of a lung transplant, it is not right for everyone, unfortunately. But for some people, it is the ideal treatment choice.

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MDF Stethoscope Review – Learn About The Best MDF Units On The Market

MDF stethoscope is one of the best brands that medical professionals are using in assessing their patients. Each type of medical assessment requires a different level of auscultation. For best results, you would want to use the finest unit on the market.

Your stethoscope is a wonderful investment in your medical career. Thus, it’s ideal that you take time to research for the best unit and learn more about its features and benefits, as well as its cons. It’s also helpful in reading other reviews of medical professionals and medical students.

Our MDF stethoscope review is here to assist you in finding out which unit of MDF offers the features that you need for your profession. It aims to arm you with accurate information and provide you with other helpful resources to finally make an informed decision.

Although you’d often see 3M Littmann stethoscope hanging on the neck of Dr. Gregory House on House or the Prestige Medical unit used by some doctors on Grey’s Anatomy, these two brands aren’t the only ones that offer best features.

Listed below are some of the best units of said brand. Our review is a compilation of reviews from verified actual users of the brand. We also include information from MDF to give you further details about the units.

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1. MDF One Stainless Steel Premium

Since 1971, MDF has provided millions of medical professionals with reliable stethoscopes. This unit is no exemption. Available at a very affordable price of $54.90 on Amazon, this unit is covered with a lifetime warranty. It’s a latex-free unit that’s made of 100% stainless steel.

With this unit you can accurately hear heart, lung and other body sounds through its acoustic clarity.

Even when you use it for extended period of time, it can still provide you with the comfort that you and your patient needs through its ergonomic design.

The chest piece of this unit is handcrafted stainless steel with dual-head. There’s a green indicator dot on the piece to let you identify active sound channel. It also seals in the sound.

As mentioned earlier, this unit is latex-free, just like the units of American Diagnostic. It’s made of non-stick acoustic tubing for superior transmission of sound while sealing surrounding noise. Because of how its tubing is made, cracking and wearing can be easily prevented.

For many of its users, this unit is an awesome stethoscope for the money. This is one of the ideal stethoscopes for nurses, even though it’s not a Littman unit. One of the things that owners of this unit like about it is that it’s built to last. Then, the sensitivity of its chest piece is just unbelievable.

This is one no-brainer unit that’s cheaper than other stethoscopes for doctors. It’s one of the reasons it has earned 4.5 stars out of 5 from its actual users on Amazon.

2. MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head, Pink

It’s a lightweight stethoscope with high sound performance. Acoustica Deluxe is an all-purpose stethoscope that’s convenient to use. It can prevent puncturing your ear drums through its patented safety lock ear tip.

The chest piece of this unit is made of aluminum. Precisely machined for highest performance, Acoustica of MDF is durable with full-rotation valve stem. The large bell allows you to hear great sound and it can isolate ambient noise.

Its tubing is thicker and denser. This unit has a Y-configuration tubing that provides insulation to have excellent sound transmission. Since the tubing is a thicker PVC, it can withstand wearing and prevent cracking.

The package comes with extra ear buds. Its versatility allows it to be used by doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. With it, they can easily hear heart beats. The body sounds are clearer, instead of being muffled. Because of the kind of tubing that it’s made of, you could easily hear body sounds even when the people around you are talking.

Essentially, it offers you clearer sound and the cost is just half the price of the leading stethoscope on the market.

3. MDF Dual Head Lightweight – All Black

It’s one of the best options from MDF. This Dual Head unit is highly rated without the expensive price tag. It’s an all-black unit. Although it’s all-black, the blackness is somehow unique that makes it easier for you to spot it.

You’ll appreciate the weight of this unit as it’s very light. It’s also well-made with awesome color. The package will include a small pocket of spare parts. And it also comes with a name tag. You can also register this unit to make sure that you can avail of its lifetime free parts.

Even if you don’t have medical training, you can still take advantage of it while taking blood pressure of your family members. Novice users will appreciate the fact that they can hear clearer sounds. You won’t be hearing any “gremlins.” This is a high-quality unit even to those non-medical persons.

Overall, this unit offers decent noise cancellation at a very affordable price. It has sturdy tubing with extra ear pieces provided.

4. MDF Sprague Rappaport Dual-Head – Convertible Chest Piece

Considered as a five-in-one stethoscope, Sprague rappaport unit of MDF offers clearer sound with versatile classic design. It’s trusted by medical professionals in helping them detect faint body sounds.

It can be used by healthcare professionals who need to assess pediatric, infant and adult patients. There’s no need for you to change from one stethoscope to another when you need to auscultate a baby patient and an adult one.

This unit comes with an accessory kit that lets you remove its diaphragm and replace it with an infant, pediatric or adult bell.

The headset is constructed with chrome-plated brass allowing the user to create an individualized fit. And because its ear tips are made of silicone, you can easily clean it and use it to conform to your ears.

5. MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology

It’s one of the first stethoscopes made specifically for the cardiology department. Many of its users appreciate its lighter weight and better headset. It also comes with a patented sound-sealing tubing.

The package includes a convertible chest piece. You’ll find 3 bells and 3 diaphragms that you can use for adult, pediatric and newborn. Its chest piece is fitted using an ultra-sensitive diaphragm that has a non-chill retaining ring providing you with a safe acoustic transmission.

Its extra large bell lets you amplify the sound and it isolates low frequencies.

For paramedics, this unit is an ideal option. Unlike the other cardiology stethoscopes on the market, this one is not heavy. They can easily auscultate lung sounds. The sounds that they hear are better than when they use other units.

It’s by far one of the best stethoscopes that can give you the best bang for your money, making it one of the best stethoscopes for doctors.

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6. MDF Sprague-X Redesigned

Comparable to 3M Littmann Classic II S.E stethoscope, this is an outstanding stethoscope that isn’t a knock-off. Unlike cheaper units on the market, this one offers high sensitivity with excellent fit and finish. It’s also extremely comfortable. The price is just perfect for medical students. It also works fine when you’re getting blood pressure of your patient.

If you want to own a stethoscope that won’t fall apart, then this unit is a perfect option. It’s very comfortable use and it can block outside noises, allowing you to hear body sounds even if you’re in a noisy environment.

The excellent sound quality that it offers is one of the reasons many medical professionals opt for this unit. It’s built with high quality. Compared with other dual-head units, this one offers full-feeling click.

The X-configuration of this stethoscope is created to avoid hearing sounds when two tubes are rubbed against each other. You can easily differentiate between background noise and real body sound.

Overall, this unit offers excellent auscultation.

7. MDF ER Premier Cardiology Stainless Steel

This unit from MDF satisfies the stringent requirements of physicians working in an urgent care system. Its acoustic performance is almost the same as 3M Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope. It is outstanding. Plus, it can survive in different types environment. Thus, even when you’re in a noisy environment, the acoustic performance is still excellent.

Comes in a very reasonable cost, this unit is truly an outstanding product. Plus, its color is stunning. If you want a stethoscope that’s all-black but with outstanding performance, then this is great unit for you.

It can assess lung sounds more accurately. Plus, it lets you hear subtle murmurs. With it, there’s no need for you to use a bi-lumen unit. Its sensitivity is higher and sounds are louder and, of course, clearer.

This unit has stiffer ear cushion pieces. So, it might take time for you to get used to them. Once you get the hang of it, they become comfortable to wear even when it’s used for extended period.

8. MDF Pulse Time 2-in-1 LCD Clock

It’s one of few stethoscopes on the market that comes with a timing feature. It lets you use it while maintaining eye contact with your patients while you’re diagnosing them.

Some non-medical professionals would wonder about the use of having a clock in it. When you start using it, you’ll realize that the clock is useful in monitoring vital signs. The monitoring becomes more efficient.

The Pulse Time on the chest piece is equipped with a 24-hour crystal quartz timepiece. The piece is constructed with lightweight anodized aluminum. It’s fitted with an ultra-thin fiber diaphragm to provide you with great sound amplification. Plus it provides better transmission of heart and lung sounds.

Its Y-construction is non-stick tubing that offers better insulation for better sound transmission as it can seal out ambient noise. It also comes with an acoustic pyramid chamber that opens up to get you maximum sound transmission to the headset.

The headset, by the way, is chrome-plated brass for durability and custom fit. The ear tips aren’t painful as they’re made of silicone. Its package includes accessories, such as two extra ear tips, ID tag, and ultra-sensitive fiber diaphragm.

9. MDF Classic Cardiology – with Stainless Steel Chest Piece

This unit is quite expensive but it’s all worth it. It’s an all-black unit that’s designed for cardiologist in mind. This is a cardiology-grade unit that offers two-sound channels. Each channel is provided for each ear. Plus, it comes with a dual-lumen tubing.

It’s made of stainless steel with premium grade. The acoustic performance is great. It also comes with an ergonomic design ensuring comfort when you’re diagnosing and assessing your patient. When it comes to aesthetics, this unit doesn’t fall short. Thanks to its all-black color.

This stethoscope has SoundTight technology that seals in sound. It also has a green indicator dot that lets you identify what sound channel you’re on. The chest piece offers nine different configurations. These will include a complete infant cardiology stethoscope.

The headset of this unit is pre-angled and made of stainless steel. It also features a patented dual-leaf spring construction. This is especially great to make sure that it can last for years. Plus, it offers a custom fit.

According to most of its users, this stethoscope is one of the best units on the market as it can drastically reduce the sound from the environment, like clothes or skin movement.

10. MDF ProCardial C3 Cardiology Stainless Steel Dual

The sound that this stethoscope could provide is crisp. You’ll also appreciate its craftsmanship as it appears to be sturdy and can last for a very long time, despite how you use it. Since the company offers free lifetime replacement on its parts, you can’t go wrong with this unit.

Most of its interchangeable parts are suited for any person working in a healthcare industry. Because of how it’s made of, you can use it on your patients, regardless of age. This means that you don’t need to make extra purchases to make sure that it’s suitable to your adult or pediatric patients.

Then, the adjustable ear tips are made in such a way that they can easily fit into your ear canal giving you a nice but comfortable fit.

There are additional pieces included in the package. You may find them essential while others don’t. Nonetheless, they’re there as part of the pack.


All of the units in our MDF stethoscope review offer exceptional versatility. Most of them are all-around devices that can be conveniently used. They’re also easy to use by medical students and non-medical professionals who simply wish to listen to body sounds during blood pressure reading.

Most of these units offer outstanding acoustic performance. For medical professionals who don’t like purchasing expensive stethoscopes, MDF products are a great deal.

Nurses and doctors appreciate all features of the MDF units. Most of these units gathered exceptional ratings from their actual users. As we’ve mentioned earlier, all products of MDF are lightweight. Thus, they can be comfortable to wear even for extended period of time.

Whether you’re performing blood pressure work or simply physical examination, these units can deliver better acoustic sensitivity and performance that you can surely depend on. They’re cheaper alternatives to the more expensive units of Littmann.

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